Hair Do: Satin-Lined Caps by Grace Eleyae

I recently read an article saying that it’s best to go to sleep in a top knot. As someone who worship at the altar of top knots especially on extremely hot and humid summer days I am all for that, but as a woman of African American descent, I have to worry about my edges, so of course when I go to sleep, I wrap my hair and head in a silk scarf, as the rule goes. The problem with this is when I wake up, the silk scarf that started on my head is now either on my pillow next to me, on the floor next to my bed, and on one especially hot and humid night, on the floor across the room (no clue how it arrived at that destination). Luckily there’s a new product on the market, the SLAP, aka Satin-Lined Caps by Grace Eleyae, that are made to protect your hair.

Satin-Lined Caps by Grace Eleyae

If your hair has ever felt brittle, or your silk scarf does not remain on your head while you sleep, like my aforementioned silk scarf, this is the solution for you. The Satin-Lined Caps by Grace Eleyae are made to be worn both outdoors and indoors, day and night. This satin-lined hat has protected my hair from feeling dry thanks to the moisture-sucking, and unpredictable weather that surrounds us every single day, as well as the drying cotton pillowcases and headrests I sleep on at night. For some of us, like yours truly, who also perspire from scalp, we know the horrors of bad hair days after any activity, like walking or daring to be outside while it’s humid, the SLAP will keep your tresses in check no matter what. And the best part…it stays on your head. No longer do I wake up wondering where my headscarf is, the SLAP stays on my head.

The SLAP aka Satin-Lined Cap

Got curly hair that gets unruly? The satin lining in the SLAP helps to combat morning kinks and the annoying tangles. if your hair natural? The satin lining helps keep your hair moisturized while the elastic band keeps the SLAP in place all night. Bye-bye dryness! Do you straighten your hair? The satin lining helps to avoid frizziness and allows your straight style to last longer.

The SLAP comes in a variety of colors, and one size fits all heads. It is machine washable and each SLAP retails for $29.95. Save your hair (and your edges) by purchasing your favorite color at

Making a Statement with Artisan Jewelry

My visiting cousin introduced me to an amazing artisan jewelry designer that I’ve become completely obsessed with. You guys are well aware of our love of statement jewelry pieces and that we love highlighting handcrafted accessory designers, like our recent piece on The Artisan Group. And like the pieces from this distinct grouping of artisan jewelry designers, the following Designs by Nadia jewelry pieces are amazingly affordable, even with the beautiful workmanship. This very special collection of handcrafted jewelry boasts the most natural materials, with pieces made from coconut shells, wood, seeds, stones, scrap metals, sea glass, and sea stones. Since each piece is handmade, they are truly one of a kind.

Our absolute favorite piece is the above Leather and Feathers Neckpiece (as you can see, we tried it with a few tops) – we loved how it dressed up a white tee and, of course, had to accentuate the robin egg blue stones. Which pairing do you guys prefer? Another favorite is the Coconut Drops Necklace shown below:

Why is this necklace called coconut drops? Because the stunning hand-painted leaves are made out of the shells of coconuts. We love the pop of, and the variety of colors in this piece. we also love the dramatic length and the fact that the copper can be manipulated to be worn wide or narrow (as seen above). We’re not done yet, other great pieces include the artistic Cascading Flowers Leather Neckpiece directly below.

Although these flowers look like wood, they are actually handcrafted out of leather, and painted this rich burgundy hue; and because they are made out of recycled wire, it too can be manipulated by the wearer – wear it to the side or straight forward. Last but certainly not least is the duo-colored Carnival Coconuts Neckpiece, which actually comes with matching earrings (you can select either the red or yellow earrings). This piece is available in many colors, but we love this color combination.


Like the above Coconut Drops Neckpiece, the Carnival Coconuts Neckpiece and Earrings Set is also made out of the hardened coconut shell. Besides the stunning colors, we love how it sits on the neck, its simple yet extraordinary silhouette. well, these are the pieces we’re currently obsessing over. Any favorites among our choices?

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For the Love of ICING

Ready for more Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her? We hope so because there’s much more to come, but today we’re concentrating on some amazing budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Whether you’re looking for jewelry, bags, and wallets, adorable scarves, cell phone accessories, or home accessories that declares your love, you will find them all, at amazingly low prices, on Not only will these sweet accessories win her heart, the low prices will win yours. Today we share some of our favorite V-Day gifts from ICING Fashion Accessories that will have her carrying your love with her. We personally hope makes some of these make their way into our lovelorn possession.
  1. Love in Paris Cover for iPhone 6, $12.50 – Have her fall in love with the City of Love, with this cover for iPhone 6. Featuring a Champagne-colored, pearlized faux leather body, with the Eiffel Tower in the center, and romantic phrases like, “always and forever,” and “I loved you yesterday and I love you tomorrow,” written in all over, she will know you love her every time she uses her phone.
  2. Clear I Love You Cosmetic Bag, $10.50 – We ladies love our beauty products, so add a touch of romance to her makeup with this cute cosmetic bag. This clear rectangle pouch has “I love you” written in black over and over again, with red heart outlines, and an imprint of red lips on the front.
  3. Albany Burlap and Black Faux Leather Love Tote, was $38.50, now $25.00 – Love is the ultimate style accessory with this pretty tote bag. A red “Love” forms a heart between zip detail with black faux leather panels on the front of light burlap woven with silver metallic thread. The sides have “I love you” written over and over again in black with red heart outlines. The back also features black faux leather, the handles boasts silver heart stud detailing, and the interior features a zip pocket and two side pockets.
  4. I Love You Hearts and Lips Oblong Scarf, $20.00 – There’s nothing sweeter than getting your heart’s desire. We think this beautiful, oblong scarf is a great way to fill your love’s day with love and kisses. It features red with pink hearts and lips along with “I love you” in a delicate black script scattered on an ivory background; the phrases are strewn along the black borders with ragged edge fringe on each end.
  5. Love You Domed Glass Button Stud Earrings, $7.50 – Say something romantic with these button stud earrings. The short and sweet “Love you” sentiment is written in black on a white background, underneath domed glass framed in gold.
  6. Lips and Hearts Faux Patent Leather Clutch Wallet, $19.50 – You’ll never want to kiss your cash goodbye when it’s in this pretty wallet. A hearts and lips print of pink, lavender and red decorates a white faux patent leather background with the front flap is trimmed in black faux leather. It boasts an ID holder, slots for credit cards and a kiss lock closure that opens to reveal sections for cash, another pocket, and more slots for credit cards.
  7. All You Need is Love and Chocolate Wall Canvas, $8.50 – The two things necessary to sustain any girl on Valentine’s Day and beyond. “All you need is love and chocolate” is written in white on a black chalkboard-like background. This declaration can be the first thing your love wakes up to every morning and the last thing they see before going to bed every night.
These darling gifts are just a snippet of the wonderful gifts available for your purchasing pleasure on You may find yourself buying for your love and yourself.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: All Dressed Up in Luxe Love

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away and while we, of course, want to be wrapped in the loving arms of our sweetheart, we absolutely want to get all dressed up in love….literally! We’re head over heels in love with these luxurious fashion accessories from Ora Delphine’s Hearts Collection and Suzi Roher. Ladies, if you’re looking to treat yourself, and gentlemen, if you’re looking for something to bring a smile to your special lady, these two accessory brands offer lovely, high-end, accessory Valentine’s Day gift ideas which allow the wearer to take LOVE with them everywhere they go.
  1. Ora Delphine’s Hearts Collection Kiss Pouch, $159.00
  2. Ora Delphine’s Hearts Collection Heartbreaker Crossbody, $285.00
  3. Suzi Roher Christina “Love In” Silk Scarves, $290.00
  4. Suzi Roher Love Cinch Belt, $650.00
  5. Suzi Roher Love Crystal Belt, $595.00
  6. Ora Delphine’s Hearts Collection Heart and Tassel Charm/Keychain, $55.00

Whether you want to seal it with a kiss, wear your heart on your sleeve…..rather, your shoulder or handbag, these genuine leather pieces from Ora Delphine, which are available to ship January 30th, are sure to be a big hit thanks to its sophisticated style and functionality. We love the Suzi Roher original art and photography scarves and Swarovski crystal-embellished belts because you will literally be surrounding yourself with love every time you wear them. It’s love hugging you around the waist and upper body.

There’s more to come for those looking for more Valentine’s Day gift ideas. We want to know, what’s on your wishlist for valentine’s Day?

Claire’s X Katy Perry Want You to “Eat Ur Heart Out”

Katy Perry adds some quirky fun to her newest jewelry and fashion accessories collection with Claire’s. The Katy Perry X Claire’s Eat Ur Heart Out Collection is the fifth installment from the Katy Perry PRISM Collection, which launched May 2014. The kitschy collection features limited edition items, seasonal novelty pieces, collectibles and products inspired by the lyrics and titles of Perry’s greatest hits. The “Eat Ur Heart Out” Collection is inspired by the bold, bright look of Katy Perry’s “This Is How We Do” video (you may remember the fast food visuals, props, and fast food accessories present in the video), and features silicone smartphone cases, jewelry, eyewear in fast food shapes such as “hot dogs in buns”, “pizza slices”, “cheeseburgers”, and “popcorn”.
The Katy Perry X Claire’s Eat Ur Heart Out Collection launches mid-January, right on time for Katy Perry’s Superbowl halftime performance on February 1st, naturally when one thinks of Superbowl Sunday, it’s not just about the game, but the game-day snacks as well, which this collection perfectly honors. Along with the fast food-inspired items, the collection also features statement cherry jewelry pieces including a trio cherry necklace and adorable matching earrings. Favorite items include the hamburger sunglasses, all the kitschy iPhone cases, the retro heart-shaped sunglasses adorned with pearls, makeup bag, and spiral notebook.

To round out the food-inspired accessories, the collection features “birthday” cake-inspired items (you can’t have a meal without dessert). these items include cupcake earrings, layered cake phone case, ring pop rings, and a macaron phone case that’s good enough to eat. Since this is Claire’s, expect wallet-friendly prices on all items, Most of the items featured above price no more than $20.00.

We’ve shared our favorites from this collection, tell us in the comments, what are your favorite pieces from the Katy Perry X Claire’s Eat Ur Heart Out Collection?

Handbag Heaven | The Luxurious Debut of Martella Bags

If ever the words, “I’ve died and gone to heaven” were perfectly uttered, it was when we walked into the preview for uber-luxury handbag collection, Martella Bags. The capsule collection of mind-blowing, gorgeous unisex bags left us speechless. We couldn’t anything but stare, mouth agape, wondering if we were really seeing the beauty that stood in front of us in various shades of cognac, nutmeg, black, navy, grey and even a pop of red. We will try desperately to do justice with our limited vocabulary of the beauty and craftsmanship of these beautiful luxury bags by the brilliant Idan Yosefov. We also share how you can save $300 off any bag in this debut collection.


For this first collection, Idan Yosefov teases us with a stunning capsule collection consisting of 10 bags, most of which are unisex and all of which boast multiple functionalities. For example, some style features changeable straps that take you from backpack to shoulder bag, others are detachable from itself leaving you with an entirely new bag look and feel. The grandson of a shoemaker (who he celebrates with his logo), the Jerusalem designer equipped himself with all the arsenal needed for luxury bag making – an impeccable sense of style and workmanship, studying the art of luxury, leather bag making in Florence, Italy, and having his beautiful bags made in Istanbul, Turkey (very famous for leather craftsmanship), from the finest of leathers. We’d love to show you all 10 styles but this would be a very long post, so we’re sharing our “stuck-on-a-desert-island-what-would-you-take” favorite styles, but we do love them all so the other styles are available for your viewing pleasure in our slideshow below


Martella-Rotondo-1-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x527 Martella-Rotondo-2-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x644

We’re completely captivated by this new bag shape, it’s outer front pocket cut directly from the bag, its transformation capabilities from backpack to handbag, to shoulder bag, it’s smooth black calf leather, concealed magnetic snap and overall beguiling beauty. Our #1 pick, we can’t help but be infatuated.


Martella-Vecchietto-1-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x612 Martella-Vecchietto-2-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x486

Wear it as a briefcase or backpack, wear the big bag, small bag or both, the Vecchietto gives you so many options. The stunning, tea colored calf leather bag boasts inner pockets for your phone, business cards, and pens; and with the extra bag, store whatever else you need.



Boasting both shoulder and back straps, black calf leather and hair, a big compartment and two outer pockets, this uber-luxe bag will fit perfectly whether you wear it as a backpack or shoulder bag.

As previously promised, behold the other gorgeous stunning bags in the Martella Bags capsule collection, all of which are available now. You can find out much more on the designer and his bags at

To celebrate their debut, Martella Bags is having a delicious sale. For a  limited time, they are offering $300 off on all the bags when you purchase via their website. The sale code is USADEBUT. These intro savings is not to be missed, definitely, take advantage before they rule the handbag world, luxury stores, and celebrities.

We have seen our favorites, what are yours?

Fit to be Bow-Tied | Jill Pineda Bow Ties

With the stronghold that menswear influences has on women’s fashion, we felt it was a perfect time to highlight these sensational collection of edgy bow ties for women from fashion stylist and designer, Jill Pineda. These unique, handcrafted and very fashionable bow ties are actually made for both men and women but today we’re talking to the ladies. The edgy bow ties are available in a variety of fabrications including leather, faux fur, leather and faux leather, and cotton and adorned with embellishments like metal spikes, studs, zippers and buttons.

As you can see, there are many favorites to fall in love with. We find ourselves gearing towards the edgier styles like the Spiked Bow Ties (available in black, white, red, and silver) and Studded Bow Ties (available in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, black, and white) but we know everyone will love all the available styles. The Jill Pineda Bow Ties range in retail from $17.50 – $59.00 and are available on the Jill Pineda website.

I Want (Arm) Candy | LuLu Avenue Bracelets #Giveaway

One of our favorite current jewelry trends is layering. Whether it be rings, necklaces or bracelets, we love the eclectic mix of chunky and delicate pieces, bold and subtle colors, and leather and metal pieces stacked wildly together. We remember enjoying this trend as a child (granted it was with candy bracelets) and we love that it’s gained popularity again. This resurgence shows that this hot trend is great at any age, plus it really is arm candy. Today we’re going to celebrate this hot trend by hosting a giveaway of five stunning bracelets (pictured below) from Lulu Avenue Jewelry that are perfect for layering.

Lulu Avenue is known for their elegant jewelry that offers both understated and statement pieces. The collection is diverse enough to include core pieces, dramatic indulgences, and everything in between. Lulu Avenue’s jewelry are always on-trend and feature a flare for those that want to captivate those around them. One (1) winner will receive the Madrid Cuff Black Leather and Madrid Cuff Pink Leather – a versatile leather cuff that compliments absolutely everything you could have in your closet, Venetian Leather Cuff – a leather black cuff lined with a rhodium silver finish that’s perfect for layering, Pilar Black Bracelet – a chic combination of leather and hardware, and the Sloane Bracelet – a beautiful gold and hematite multi-chain bracelet with crystal detailing.  The five pieces total up to a value of approximately $263.00.

As stated, one lucky My Life on (and off) the Guest List reader will win all five of these beautiful pieces. To enter, you must complete all the Rafflecopter entry options shown below. Please note this giveaway is open to US residents ONLY: