Crofter’s Organics Delivers More Fruit & Less Sugar in Every Jar

Crofter’s Organic Delivers More Fruit & Less Sugar in Every Jar

We’re welcoming the fall season with lots of deliciousness. The cooler season brings to mind harvest time and when we think of harvests, we’re reminded of the jams and fruit spreads that are ready to eat. While we can’t go traipsing through orchards or have access to farmer’s markets, we have the next best thing; delicious jams we’ve enjoyed since we were first introduced to them six years ago – Crofter’s Organic Jams and Fruit Spreads.

Crofter’s Organics Delivers More Fruit & Less Sugar in Every Jar

Crofter’s is the #1 organic jam in North America. The jams and fruit spreads are made with specific and heritage fruit varieties chosen for their superior flavor. They are certified organic, Non-GMO, vegan, and vegetarian, allergen-free, and have no added color or high fructose corn syrup. Crofter’s uses fair-trade sugar from the Green Cane Project to sweeten and support soil restoration; they support 8,500 acres of sustainable organic farmland; uses their own wastewater treatment plant to reduce water consumption by over 85%; and recycle 99% of raw materials’ packaging.

This small, family business has been tantalizing the palates of families since 1989. We’ve enjoyed Crofter’s Organic jams and fruit spreads in many ways: on crackers and bread but our favorite is with a spoon, right out of the jar. You see each of their scrumptious Premium and Just Fruit spreads features 33% less sugar than your average jam, so you can experience the full flavor, aroma, and health benefits of their specially selected varieties of organic fruit.

Crofter’s Organic Delivers More Fruit & Less Sugar in Every Jar

Crofter’s offers a vast offering of flavors of organic spreads, twenty delicious flavors to be exact. Out of those twenty, there are three superfruit offerings. Blueberry Blast and Pomegranate Power from their Premium Spreads, all bursting with more antioxidants than a bottle of red wine; and their original Superfruit Spread from their Just Fruit range. The rest of the offerings are a variety of organic spreads that includes Mango, Morello Cherry, Peach, Raspberry, Black Currant (our favorite), Strawberry, Blackberry, Apricot, Seville Orange, and Wild Blueberry. Fair warning, one taste, and you too will be reaching for a spoon to eat right of out the jar.

Crofter’s Organic Delivers More Fruit & Less Sugar in Every Jar

Crofter’s Organic products can be purchased online, as well as retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Safeway, Kroger, Walmart, and more!

Spread the Love | Crofter’s Organic Fruit Spreads

You know a fruit spread is amazing when you pass on all breads, crackers, etc and dive right in to the jar with a spoon. That was our immediate reaction the first time we tried the delicious Crofter’s Organic fruit Spreads. Crofter’s Organic boasts more than 20 certified organic, Non-GMO Project verified spreads, fair trade cane sugar sweetened Premium Spreads, high antioxidant Superfruit spreads, and Just Fruit Spreads, with no added cane sugar made from high-quality ingredients from the best sources on earth. The Ontario-based, family-owned manufacturer, he largest organic jam manufacturer in North America, has been gifting the public with premium fruit spreads for the past 25 years. We had the pleasure of sampling a few of their organic fruit spreads, which we can tell you, didn’t last long in our refrigerator.

Crofter’s Organic offers nutritious spreads that features 1/3 less sugar than traditional preserves, and are free of preservatives. The Premium Spreads come in thirteen varieties, from classics like strawberry, and blueberry to unique and exotic flavors like morello cherry, and mango, and are sweetened with Rainforest Alliance certified organic cane sugar sourced from the Green Cane Project. These premium spreads are available in 10 oz jars, with some flavors in 16.5 oz jars, and are only 30 calories er serving.

The Superfruit Spreads features a delicious blend of four unique superfruit combinations, and ten powerful antioxidants from four continents – Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. Each jar boasts 1 pound of premium organic fruit and is also sweetened with fair trade sugar and contains one-third less sugar than jam. The Asia blend features yumberries, raspberries, morello cherries, and red grapes; the Europe blend features pomegranates, black currants blended with red grapes, and morello cherries; the North America blend features wild cranberries, wild blueberries blended with red grapes, and morello cherries; and the South America blend features maqui berries, passionfruit blended with red grapes, and morello cherries. The Superfruit spreads are available in 11 oz jars and are only 30 calories per serving.

Last but not least, the Just Fruit Spreads are available in eight varieties – Apricot, Black Currant, Blackberry, Raspberry, Seville Orange, Strawberry, Superfruit (red grape, morello cherry, açai berries, and pomegranate), and Wild Blueberry. They are made with 100% fruit ingredients, and sweetened by concentrated organic grape juice, sourced from an Italian winemaker. These all-fruit spreads will wow you with their delicious taste, texture, and spreadability, although as previously stated, you say be enjoying with a spoon and may not care about spreadability. Like the Premium Spreads, the Just Fruit Spreads are also available in 10 oz jars and only 30 calories per serving.

Welch’s Makes Life Naturally Sweet

One of my favorite juices is Welch’s Grape juice, my go to is the White Grape juice (made with Niagara grapes) but I usually get the Concord Grape juice as well because I love the taste of the two mixed together (my recipe is 70% white grape juice and 30% concord grape juice) – it delicious plus I get the health benefits of the concord grapes as well. You’ve seen the commercials, you’ve most likely tasted how delicious it is and of course know the health benefits but if you don’t, please read on.

Concord grapes have natural plant nutrients called polyphenols – including many of the same ones found in red wine. Not only do polyphenols give Concord grapes their vibrant color, these plant nutrients also act as antioxidants and deliver benefits to help promote overall health. 100% of Welch’s Grape Juice is made with whole grapes – skin, seeds and all with no added sugar, color, or flavor, it helps support a healthy heart and there are two servings (1 cup) of fruit in every 8-oz. glass and each glass is an excellent source of the antioxidant vitamin C.

Welch’s 100% Grape Juice is available in the following sizes: 4‐oz. bottle, 5.5‐oz. can, 11.5‐oz. can, 12‐oz. bottle, 14‐oz. bottle, 16‐oz. bottle, 24‐oz. bottle, 46‐oz. bottle, 64‐oz. bottle, 96‐oz. bottle, and six‐pack 10‐oz. bottles

Another great and tasty way to enjoy the delicious health benefits of Welch’s is with their Natural Spreads. Made in Concord grape, Strawberry and Raspberry flavor varieties with no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors or colors and no preservatives, Welch’s Natural Spreads make a great tasting, all-natural, budget-friendly spread the whole family can enjoy.

Not only are these great on sandwiches and on crackers, they’re amazing as a dip for pretzels, apples, and to mix with plain yogurt. As a huge fan of their White Grape juice, I’m hoping they come out with a White Grape Natural Spread.

Welch’s Natural Spreads are available in the following sizes: 12-oz. plastic jar, 19.8-oz. squeeze bottle, and 17-oz. glass jar.

Rigoni di Asiago – Jams, Marmalades and Preserves. Oh My!

I’m certain, like me, many of you do not have the pleasure of living on a farm or fruit orchard – rather you live in a concrete jungle where trees are limited to one tree in a plot and/or city parks. In New York, we have the pleasure of having the Union Square Greenmarket which gives us the opportunity to get fresh, homemade, homegrown and organic fruits, vegetables and other farm products. Unfortunately, I don’t get to visit this market often so I have to get my homemade joy from somewhere else. In comes the All fruit jams, marmalades and spreads deliciousness from Rigoni di Asiago, an Italian maker of organic products.

I was introduced to this brand at the Hundreds Under $100 Media Event and I must say, it is one of the most wonderful things I have ever tasted. Rigoni di Asiago actually makes several products – DolceDì – a natural sweetener comes from organic apples (there is NO added sugar), Fiordifrutta is a range of organic jams and marmalades, Fruttosa is fresh, healthy organic chopped fruit, Miele, – a line or varied flavored Organic Honey and Nocciolata – a soft and fragrant blend of chocolate and hazelnuts.

I haven’t tried everything, only a few of the Fiordifrutta All Fruit Jams and the Nocciolata Hazelnut Spread but trust me, that is enough to make you fall in love with Rigoni di Asiago. My favorite Fiordifrutta Jam was Plums (Prugne in Italian)

A delicious bitter-sweet preserve that is contains antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, is high in fiber and is Gluten-free. It is also fat free, has no sodium and only has 8 grams of Carbohydrates. It is addictive. It is delicious. Although it’s great with crackers, biscuits, bread, etc, I ate the entire thing directly out of the jar (almost in one sitting) – it IS THAT amazing. My other favorite flavors include Raspberry, Cherry and Gooseberry. A big added bonus is Fiordifrutta is safe and healthy for Diabetics.

Now on to Nocciolata – oh my goodness! If you like Nutella, you’ll throw it away after one taste of Nocciolata. In my opinion, it is smoother, creamier and better tasting.

This creamy, chocolaty heaven contains the following organic ingredients – dark chocolate, hazelnuts (16%) brown sugar, skim milk powder, cocoa butter and sunflower oil. I dipped just about everything in this creamy goodness – bananas, pretzels, crackers, apples, a spoon, etc (lol). I shared it with a few friends and I think I converted a few Nutella fans. It is certified organic and Weight Watchers has given Nocciolata 2 points in their current issue.

You can purchase Rigoni di Asiago products at Dean & DeLuca, Zabar’s and other gourmet and organic stores.