Acne Problems? Eliminate your Pimples with these Zit Blasters

We remember seeing a hilarious quote that goes “Dear Pimples, if you’re going to live on my face, I need to see some rent,”  but let’s face it when it comes to having acne, there’s nothing funny about it. We know this first hand, so naturally we’re always up for trying new acne fighting skincare products. Our most recent search has brought us three wonderful brands, some of which you may already be familiar with. If you’re like us ad have acne problems, check out these products we’re excited about from PanOxyl, Bionova, and Clean & Clear.


PanOxy Acne products

We love PanOxyl not only because it works, but because it gives you not one, not two, but three cleansing options. Maybe you prefer a foaming cleanser, creamy cleanser, or a cleansing bar to free your face from dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and of course, acne blemishes. Whichever way you prefer to wash the zits away, PanOxyl has you covered. A

  • The PanOxyl 10% Acne Foaming Wash (the #1 acne wash in the US) is a maximum strength foaming wash which boasts 10% benzoyl peroxide, cleans and unclogs pores on the face, chest, and back, exfoliates dead skin cells, and clears existing acne blemishes and helps prevent new blemishes from forming.
  • The PanOxyl 4% Acne Creamy Wash is made for those with sensitive skin……it’s also our favorite. It boasts a lower amount of benzoyl peroxide, specifically 4%. It’s still powerful enough to clear existing acne blemishes and help prevent new blemishes from forming, clean and unclog pores, and exfoliate dead skin cells, and is also pH-balanced, with three humectants and four emollients to increase your skin’s hydration.
  • The PanOxyl 10% Acne Cleansing Bar provides all the benefits of acne-fighting, 10% benzoyl peroxide – the maximum strength, in the convenience of a bar formulation. You get a deep cleansing formula that penetrates the skin quickly to fight existing acne and prevent new blemishes.
  • The last product in the series is the PanOxyl 3% Advanced Acne Spot Treatment, a maximum strength spot cream to target those few rogue bumps and surprise breakouts. The spot treatment contains 3% Benzoyl Peroxide, and like the washes helps clear existing acne blemishes and prevents new blemishes from forming. We had two sudden pimple eruptions on our nose and cheek and both were gone in two days…thank you PanOxyl

All four PanOxyl Acne products are available on,, Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens.


We couldn’t even begin to tell you how excited we were to try these Bionova products. We are cursed with very oily skin, congested skin, and because we are weak when it comes to picking and popping the pimples we’re still cursed with, naturally we’re left with acne scars, so the products from Bionova is a godsend. *Quick Note: we’ll be doing a holiday giveaway soon with Bionova products, so definitely keep an eye out for it, you won’t be disappointed.* Now on to the products. The Bionova 3-Step Skin Regimen Kit for Oily Skin is a miracle sent from the gods for those of us with oily skin. If you’re like us and plagued with excess sebum, get this ASAP. The kit contains three products: Bioactive Cleanser for Oily Skin, Bioactive Cream Activator for Oily Skin, and Bioactive Facial Mask for Oily Skin. The final product (available separately) is the Acne + Acne Scar Treatment With UV Chromophores to improve your skin’s tone and texture.

  • The Bioactive Cleanser for Oily Skin removes all traces of excess sebum from the surface of your skin, helps to reduce skin greasiness, and clear up spots and other blemishes, especially if you have congested skin.
  • The Bioactive Cream Activator for Oily Skin revitalizes your complexion and reduces skin irritation. Like the above cleanser, it also helps to clear spots and other blemishes in congested skin. The Cream Activator helps to prevent breakouts and provides instant radiance to the skin and refreshes its condition.
  • The Bioactive Facial Mask for Oily Skin eliminates excess skin oil that can block the skin pores (it’s amazing if you have enlarged pores that are congested). This wonderful mask promotes fresh looking skin, revitalizes your complexion, rejuvenates your skin’s texture, and reduces skin irritation.
  • The Bionova Acne + Acne Scar Treatment With UV Chromophores features Hyper-Natural™ ingredients, identical to those already found in your body, to reduce oil production within weeks by 45% (hallelujah!!). Not only does this treatment prevent acne lesions and scarring, it also purges pores of bacteria to prevent breakouts, without causing inflammation or irritation. What more can you ask for!

If you’re like us and want an effective way of to controlling your skin’s sebum, get rid of your acne scars, and spend less on concealer and foundation, head over to to get these products in your life.


We’re sure this brand was prevalent in just about all your bathrooms during your teen years. The Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit is a 3-step skincare regimen that can help keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful with some people showing clearer skin in as little as one day.

  • The Acne Control Cleanser penetrates to the pores with acne-fighting Benzoyl Peroxide and keeps fighting breakouts long after you’ve washed your face.
  • The Acne Control Moisturizer contains a breakthrough technology proven to dissolve oil fast, so serious acne medication can penetrate deep down to pores.
  • The Fast Clearing Spot Treatment shows results in as little as 8 hours. It clears up pimples and helps prevent new ones from forming.

This very affordable kit is available for only $13.61 (hello sale!) on, Rite Aid, Kmart, Walgreens, etc.

Our final thoughts for the evening (it is 2am after all), is to tell all of you who suffer from acne blemishes to bookmark this post and try these products. believe us when we say you won’t regret it.

Give Thanks with These Thanksgiving Cocktails

While we’re all getting ready to prepare our dinner menus for Thanksgiving, we must not forget about the drink menu for the evening, because as the saying goes “man cannot live on bread alone”, well, in this case, an elaborate dinner. Yes, you are going to need Thanksgiving cocktails, for before, during and after dinner, especially if want to have a memorable Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones. Today we bring you wonderful Thanksgiving cocktails from Cruzan Rum, Basil Hayden’s, Knob Creek, and Laphroaig, to satisfy the varied personalities and taste styles you’re welcoming into your home, like the Seasonal Celebrator, the Traditionalist, the Cocktail Connoisseur, and the Whiskey Novice.

For the Traditionalist:

Knob Creek® Old Fashioned Holiday (recipe by Celebrity Chef Michael Symon)

Knob Creek Old Fashioned Holiday

1 1/2 Parts Knob Creek® Rye Whiskey
1/2 Part Cinnamon Syrup
1/2 Part Lemon
1 Part Wild Ale (like Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales®)
1 Egg White
Nutmeg for Garnish
Combine all ingredients in a bar tin without ice. Shake for 20 seconds. Add ice and shake for another 20 seconds. Double strain into a chilled lowball glass and garnish with grated nutmeg.

For the Seasonal Celebrator:

Cruzan® Sparkling Honey Diamond

Cruzan Sparkling Honey Diamond

1 1/2 parts Cruzan® Estate Diamond® Dark Rum
3/4 part Lime Juice
3/4 part Honey Syrup
Sparkling Wine
Combine rum, juice and syrup over ice and shake for 15 seconds. Fine strain into a chilled champagne flute. Top with sparkling wine.

For the Cocktail Connoisseur:

Laphroaig® Montgomerie Smoked Cider

Laphroaig Montgomerie Smoked Cider

1 1⁄2 parts Laphroaig® 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky
3 parts apple cider
1 part fresh lemon sour
Build over ice in order. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

For the Whiskey Novice:

Basil Hayden’s® Spiced Cocoa

Basil Hayden Spiced Cocoa

2 parts Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon
1/4 part Nocello® Walnut Liqueur
2 parts Spicy Hot Cocoa* (see recipe below)
2 Chili Peppers (for garnish)
Pre-heat mug by filling it with hot water – discard water after 30 seconds. Add Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon and Nocello® Walnut Liqueur to the heated mug. Add the spicy hot cocoa and gently mix together. Garnish with chili peppers.

Spicy Hot Cocoa*
1/2 Tbsp. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
1/2 Tbsp. Sugar
Pinch of Salt
Pinch of Cayenne Pepper
1/4 Cup Water
Mix dry ingredients together, add hot water and stir until dissolved.

Take the stress off planning your Thanksgiving cocktail menu with this variety of cocktail recipes to please every person (and personality!) seated at your table.

Glamour-flage Your Style this Thanksgiving with Lola and Sophie

Face it, when it comes to big food holidays like Thanksgiving, we all want the best of both worlds – to look fabulous, yet still want to get away with wearing our “eating pants”. Wouldn’t you love to combine both? We all love enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, but no one wants really wants to look down and see their stomach sticking out. The only solution is to not eat much (no one wants that), or to do what we’re planning on doing – Glamour-flage your style this Thanksgiving with Lola and Sophie.


Lola & Sophie Cranberry Overdrape Top

Say hello to the Lola & Sophie Long Sleeve Overdrape Top, a sexy rayon/spandex V-neck ruched top with asymmetrical over drape to hide your Thanksgiving dinner overindulgences. Sure to be a wardrobe staple and your go-to for the major eating holidays. With this chic top, which is available in the above cranberry and black, you will surely win the battle of the bulge thanks to its concealing silhouette, play on proportion, and accentuating details. The underlayer is ruched on the sides with a beautifully draped asymmetric top layer to keep your stomach and imperfections well covered.  Whether you wear it with dark denim jeans, slim pants, or leggings, you will absolutely highlight your best assets, “glamour-flage your trouble spots”, and look slimmer in this effortlessly chic top!

Thanks to Lola & Sophie designer Gene Kagan, who is a “master of casual chic”, we’re all now equipped with the perfect style to keep your stomach pooch your own little (or medium-sized) secret. So eat and drink up this Thanksgiving, as much as your stomach can take because no one will be judging you by the size of your stomach. Are you ready to Glamour-flage your style this Thanksgiving with Lola and Sophie? Grab the Long Sleeve Overdrape Top for $99.00, and check out the entire Lola & Sophie collection at

Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Artisan Jewelry Lovers

We’re always on the hunt for gifts that are extra special, not because they’re the most expensive, but because the people we are gifting will really love what they receive. As the holiday and gifting season draws near, we’re finding that people are really interested in getting gifts that celebrate the likes, style, and personalities of their friends and family. Today we share gift ideas for those who love supporting small business, jewelry lovers, and artisan supporters with connections to a few celebrities. If any of these sound like someone in your life, keep reading on to find out about the giftable products from the Artisan Group. Let’s get ready for some wonderful gift ideas for Artisan jewelry lovers.


  1. Sassy Belle Wares Funky Fashion – Dress Form Necklace: fans of Vampire Diaries, Law & Order: SVU and Parenthood may recognize some of this designer’s jewelry unique jewelry pieces on their favorite characters. This particular necklace boasts a statement wood pendant and Czech glass beads in black, gold, and silver. Retail price: $40.00
  2. Hope Anchored Designs Gold Bar & Ruby Necklace: this minimalist style, hammered gold bar necklace features two gorgeous rubies and is one of many pieces inspired by the designer’s love of travel, culture, and gemstones. With many bracelets gracing the wrists of several celebrities, you can’t go wrong with this designer. Retail: $84.99
  3. A Bead in time Jewelry Wire Spiral Beaded Necklace: you’ll love this unique handcrafted necklace made from metal, wire, and beads. Everything is handmade by designer Dale Ellison, who geometrically cuts and hammers sheet metal before she begins beading. Retail: Contact shop owner
  4. Bare and Me Necklace: if the “ampersand” symbol has a special place in your heart, you’ll love the jewelry from Bare and me. We love the simplicity of this dainty, hardwired necklace, which is available in 20 gage beaded wire in 14K GF or Sterling Silver. Retail: Contact shop owner
  5. Susi d. Jewelry Horseshoe Layering Necklace – who doesn’t need a bit of luck in their lives….we certainly could use some. This simple, yet stylish, hammered horseshoe necklace boasts an understated elegance that compliments everything. It is available in sterling silver, 14k gold filled, rose gold filled. Retail $36.00


  1. Hippie Chick Jewelry Flight of the Dragonfly Earrings: when we think of dragonflies, we think of the elegance and grace with which they flitter about, a characteristic that is perfectly captured in these gorgeous earrings. Featuring natural brass, painted lampwork beads, and Swarovski crystals, these stunners will capture the heart as well as the eye. Retail $34.00.
  2. Helen’s Adornments Sterling Silver Earrings with Tear Drop Links: lampwork glass beads, Sterling Silver tear drop links, and Sterling Silver Ear Wires combine to create these beautifully delicate earrings, a modern classic to soften any hard edge look. Retail $39.50.


  1. Horse Feathers Follow Your Arrow Silk Wrap Bracelet: when you need a bit of empowering, look no further than your wrist at this hand sculpted from reclaimed fine silver and hand dyed silk wrap bracelet for some positivity. Available in a variety of silk wrap colors, this makes a great gift for any stylish bohemian. Retail $51.00
  2. Hole in Her Stocking Black Champagne Boho Wrap Bracelet: a lovely wraparound bracelet made of black glass beads and champagne metallic seed beads strung on silver toned memory wire. Retail $20.00


  1. The Glossatteer Vintage 35mm Slide Pin: Not every piece of  jewelry has to be made from traditional materials. The Glossatteer’s transparencies collection of very cool jewelry, like the above pin, is made from 35mm slides, vintage negatives, and model train figures. A wonderfully unique gift for someone on your list. Retail $30.00
  2. Raven Boutique Pink Flower Hair Clip:  that super stylish person on your list will love this eye-catching hair clip. Boasting soft, satiny chiffon flower petals, sparkling stones, and curly Ostrich feathers, this stunning headpiece will make any  outfit perfect in every way.  Retail $20.00

Any fan of unique and special accessories or artisan jewelry lovers will adore these pieces we’ve highlighted, you may even find yourself falling in love with a few for yourself. We advise you to check them all out, you won’t be disappointed. Happy holiday shopping!!


NYC Event Alert: Kohl’s Story Booth and Holiday Pop Up w/ Giuliana and Bill Rancic – **CANCELLED**

UPDATE: During this time of heightened awareness, for the safety of our consumers, staff and invited guests, Kohl’s has made the decision to postpone the holiday gifting truck scheduled to be in Times Square on Friday, November 20 and Saturday, November 21. Thank you for your interest and we will be in touch with updates on events and locations for our holiday gifting truck

If you’re like us, you’re not lucky enough to Kohl’s near you and have to trek out to another borough or town to take advantage of their amazing deals. For a few days, this month, Kohl’s is brought to you.  For two days, Kohl’s welcomes their Story Booth and Holiday Pop Up in the middle of Times Square. Shop some must-have holiday gifts with such celebrities as Giuliana Rancic, Bill Rancic, and their adorable son Duke Rancic, as well as Molly Sims and her children, Brooks and Scarlett.

E! BRAND SHOOT -- Season: 2013 -- Pictured (l-r): Bill Rancic, Giuliana Rancic -- (Photo by: Brian Bowen Smith/E!)

E! BRAND SHOOT — Season: 2013 — Pictured (l-r): Bill Rancic, Giuliana Rancic — (Photo by: Brian Bowen Smith/E!)

Let Bill and Giuliana Rancic (with baby Duke!) welcome you to Kohl’s Story Booth and Holiday Pop Up in Times Square this weekend. As part of their “All Together Now” holiday campaign, Kohl’s invites you and your families to step into their story booth and share your favorite holiday traditions, where the best stories will be turned into short, animated videos, narrated by an entertainer. All guests will be able to shop Kohl’s top holiday offerings as well as win prizes from their gifting truck. What could be better than that!

Grab your family and head over to Times Square’s 46th and 47th Street Plaza on Friday, November 20th, from
10:00 AM – 8:00 PM, and Saturday, November 21st, from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM, for a fun-filled day at Kohl’s Story Booth and Holiday Pop Up.


The Rum Diary: Zaya Gran Reserva Rum

This is the season of cozy sweaters and other things to keep you warm, so we thought we’d bring a little island warmth to keep you toasty during the cool fall season. When we think of fall, we think of seasonal flavors like apples, and spices such as cinnamon. Our inner child loves the combination of apples and cinnamon, but as an adult, naturally we love our fall flavors with a bit more kick, specifically a perfectly aged rum. There’s something about a dark rum that screams fall season to us, it may be its dark amber hue, or its smooth and sultry full-body. For those who think of rums as purely a tropical cocktail spirit, may we present you with one of our favorites, the exquisitely aged Zaya Gran Reserva Rum, a decadent sipping rum with a unique blend of 12 different, rare aged rums.

The 80-proof Zaya Gran Reserva, double-distilled in copper pot stills is sourced and blended on the island of Trinidad. this premium rum is made from premium blackstrap molasses and aged in used whiskey and bourbon barrels. Zaya has a distinct nose, boasting a combination of sweet (thanks to caramel and vanilla), spicy, nutty chocolate, and smokey notes, most of which are very present in its taste, and a long pleasant finish. As we previously stated, this is a decadent sipping rum, a perfect spirit to end the day with, but it also brings a stunning amount of robust flavor to a rum-based martini, especially one that encompasses bold fall flavors, like the below Spiced Apple Martini.

Spiced Apple Martini

2 ½ oz. Zaya Gran Reserva Rum
2 oz. Apple Juice
Splash of Amaretto
2 Pinches Ground Cinnamon
Cinnamon/Superfine Sugar mixture (optional)
Optional Garnish: Cinnamon Stick
In a mixing glass, add Zaya Gran Reserva Rum, apple juice, Amaretto, ground cinnamon, and ice cubes.
Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled cocktail glass dusted with cinnamon or superfine sugar and ground cinnamon mixture (optional). Garnish with a cinnamon stick, if desired.

We promise you will enjoy yielding to this velvety smooth rum, it’s heaviness and sophisticated body is perfect for the fall season curled up in front of a fire, or your television set. Grab a 750ml bottle of this rich, decadent rum for approximately $30.00.

Repair your Hair with VO5 Haircare

Let’s face it, we, and our environment does a lot to our hair and skin. From all the various products and hair tools we use to the dirt, dust, and smoke that gets into our hair, our tresses take quite a beating. That is why it is essential to repair any possible damage the day might bring and get your hair back to your hair looking vibrant and beautiful. For this, it’s best to start with clarifying hair products, like VO5 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner, to remove all product residue and remove excess oils, dirt, dead skin cells, and air pollutants from clogged follicles; and end with a conditioning treatment like VO5’s Shine, Glow & Go Beauty Oil to add ultra hydration to your hair. Are you ready to repair your hair with VO5 Haircare?

Remove hair of unwanted product residue and restore moisture and shine with Alberto VO5’s Kiwi-Lime Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner, which boasts Rosemary and lemongrass extracts to quench dry hair’s thirst, and Kiwi and lime to rinse your hair as clean as can be with its clarifying formula. Your limp hair will bounce back with clean vibrancy.

This multi-essential vitamin containing oil replenishes both your dried out hair and skin, leaving it feeling soft, silky and looking radiant. The Alberto VO5’s Shine, Glow & Go Beauty Oil is a light, natural oil blend that you definitely want to keep in your beauty arsenal year’ round. Your hair and skin will thank you.

Get both these affordable products now at, or at mass retailers.

Giveaway: Enter to Win Two Tickets to The Discovery of King TUT

We don’t normally double up on our giveaways, but this was just too amazing not to offer to you guys. The Discovery of King Tut Exhibit opens in New York City on November 21st, 2015 at 417 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016, but thanks to the wonderful people behind the organization who brought this amazing exhibit to New York, we’re giving away a pair of tickets to see both “The Discovery of King Tut”, and the “Saturday Night Live…The Exhibition” at an advance screening on November 20th from 3:00-9:00 pm. Would you like to win two tickets to The Discovery of King TUT Exhibit in New York City? Keep on reading to find out how you can win tickets to this incredible exhibit.


As many of you know, seeing this exhibition is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, especially as it won’t be here forever, and we’re giving you the chance for you and a guest to see it and the Saturday Night Live exhibit for free. the last time the city of new york got to experience the King TUT exhibit was in the 1970’s, so we’re thankful for this long-awaited return. The Discovery of King Tut is a remarkable presentation of one of the greatest archeological finds of the 20th century. Using over 1,000 expertly crafted reproductions of treasures discovered in Tutankhamun’s tomb, the exhibition presents this fascinating subject in an entirely new way: a thrillingly unique experience that explores the legendary tomb and its treasures as they were at the exact moment of their discovery. Check out a sneak peek of some of the wonderful artifacts you can see at the exhibit….and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

king tut

To enter to win, you must be available in New York City on November 20th, from 3 pm – 9 pm, and fill out the Rafflecopter entry form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway