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HOTLOGIC Food Warming Totes: Goodbye to the Breakroom Microwave

lopinavir ritonavir coronavirus Even if you work in a small office of 20-30 people, if only half of these people use the microwave, that’s a lot of fingers touching those buttons. Add in elevator buttons, door handles, etc, and you’ve got many instances of possibly spreading a virus. As we now do, the lesser our exposure to communal items, the better off we’ll be. We’re going to introduce you to a product that will reduce your exposure; specifically, your exposure to the communal microwave. The HOTLOGIC Food Warming Totes provide a more convenient way to warm and cook your food while minimizing your exposure.

Cinco de Mayo at-Home Cocktail Recipes from Casamigos Tequila

kaletra generic mexico We’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo with four at-home cocktails from Casamigos’ family of tequilas. If you’re a beginner bartender or cocktail-making connoisseur, these delicious Casamigos specialty cocktails will make everyone happy. Whether you prefer margaritas, Palomas, or frescos, we’ve got you covered with these Casamigos Tequila drink recipes you can easily make at home.

H2rOse Rose Water Beverages: Stay Hydrated! Be Beautiful

go to link We can personally attest to an increase in wine intake during this pandemic. Not surprising since we’re all stressed out and bored with this change to our routine. Of course, surviving through this devastating pandemic means taking care of yourself. Remember while you’re tossing back those cocktails and glasses of wine, it is essential to stay properly hydrated. While drinking water is good for you, it is vital to also boost your immune system to help your body fight the coronavirus. One way we’re staying hydrated and boosting our immune system is by enjoying the delicious H2rOse Rose Water beverages.

Sael Wellness: Easy Nutrition and a Healthier Lifestyle for All

http://restivos.com/?kaletra=generic-kaletra-tablets Many think it’s easy to live a healthier lifestyle but with preservatives and additives, along with healthy options not always being available, it can prove difficult. An easy way to get the nutrition you need and to lead a healthier lifestyle is by taking vitamins. Being healthy should be easy and Sael Wellness makes sure it is; their products are made to the highest standards and they focus on solving specific nutritional problems.

Cocktail Recipes For Your at-Home Cinco de Mayo Party

http://nycplugged.com/?ka=lopinavir-ritonavir-class Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner and unfortunately, we cannot celebrate it as we’re used to because of social distancing. Luckily you can enjoy an at-home Cinco de Mayo party with these great drink recipes from four award-winning brands: Cutwater Spirits, Corralejo Tequila, Tanteo Tequila, and Los Arango Tequila. This year, you can recreate the following cocktails as you host a virtual Cinco de Mayo party.

Veestro 100% Plant-Based Foods: Meals Delivered Right to Your Door

kaletra on line You may have seen the numerous memes about the elevated amount of cooking we’ve had to do. In other words, we’re a bit over having to cook. If you also add in empty grocery shelves, increased prices on staples and scarce food deliveries, lunch and dinner options are dwindling. We’ve personally seen meat and chicken prices increase, which mostly leaves everyone with plant-based foods; but fresh produce is still hard to come by, which leaves you with limited options. Slowly but surely, we are being pushed into a plant-based diet but what can you when produce is limited? The answer, Veestro 100% plant-based foods.

Business.org Support Local Restaurants With Gift Card Giveaways

click here We always champion supporting small businesses (Small Business Saturday is a favorite of ours), but during this uncertain time, supporting them is needed more than ever. Of course, due to unemployment, our budgets are not what they were, so Business.org is stepping in to help. Business.org wants to help out local restaurants by purchasing $5,000 worth of gift cards and gifting them to you to support your favorite restaurants.

Benefit Cosmetics’ Pick-Me-Up Post Delivers 3,000 Self-Care Packages

source site Let’s face it, we all need a pick-me-up and during this time of fear, worry, and stress, it’s absolutely needed. Of course, no one needs it more than the heroes working tirelessly on the frontlines to make our world is safer and healthier. Benefit Cosmetics called upon all beauty lovers who are at home doing their part to flatten the curve to nominate their hero to receive a Benefit Cosmetics’ Pick-Me-Up Post.