Spa Week Highlight: KUR SkinLab

Just in case you’ve forgotten to mark your calendars from our previous ritonavir coronavirus tablets Countdown to Spa Week post, it is officially Spa Week. Naturally we took advantage of the $50 treatments and indulged in an amazingly decadent Fall Renewal Enzyme Peel Facial at the wonderful  go site KUR SkinLab, an amazing skin care and wellness oasis in Midtown East, at 875 3rd Avenue, Suite M-101.

KUR SkinLab works on the belief that everyone’s skin is unique, and that skin treatments should be customized to provide the necessary nutrients your skin needs to be at its best. Whether you suffer from acne, depigmentation, sensitive skin, losing elasticity due to aging, or all of the above, their customized skin treatments use skin issue-specific products. As stated above, I visited the boutique spa to indulge in their Fall Renewal Enzyme Peel Facial, which can be applied with either Papaya or Pumpkin. On our visit, we went with pumpkin… is pumpkin everything season after all. Our facial started off with a gentle cleansing and extraction

Our exceptional skin care experience continued with the application of the Pumpkin enzyme peel, which we were told was excellent for our acne-prone skin. Please note that although we have very tough skin and hardly felt anything, this peel is made to go deep into the skin, so expect a heated, tingling or stronger sensation KUR_SkinLab_Spa_

The next step in the process was a soothing and cooling mask that felt divine, but as you will see, left me looking like some sort of sci-fi creature. The way my skin felt after this mask was amazing

As previously stated, KUR SkinLab uses products to fit your skin’s needs, as my issue is with acne and enlarged pores, I was introduced to their range of RCA Skincare products, like the below Acne Control Regimen, which were used on my skin during my facial. The range of skincare products are available for all skin types and you can create your own regimen according to your skin issues.

We invite you to take advantage of this wonderful new spa and treat yourself and your skin to a healthier life. You still have time to take advantage of their Spa Week deal, so what are you waiting for? KUR SkinLab’s current $50 Spa Week treatments include:

  • 75 Minute KUR Customized Facial with Double Cleanse, Extractions and Ultrasound Therapy OR 60 Minute Deep Pore Detox Treatment with Extractions, Alpha-Beta Detox and High-Frequency Treatment
  • Fall Renewal Enzyme Peel (Papaya or Pumpkin) OR Custom Light Professional-Grade Mesopeel (Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic, or Mandelic) Facial 60 Minutes
  • IDEAL Therapeutic Massage: Choice of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Office Relief or Sports Relief 60 Minutes

Stop Leaks Before They Start w/ Poise Impressa at CVS

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. You must be 21+ years old to try Poise Impressa Bladder Supports. #LifeAfterLeaks #CollectiveBias

There are things we may take for granted and not realize it. When I’m out with friends, we go dancing, we may do something that entails physical activity, and we have amazing conversations that end in raucous laughter. For me, this is a joyous time of untroubled fun but for two people in my life, that’s not the case. Both have stopped doing things they love or enjoy trying something new because of leakage. Even everyday occurrences like coughing, sneezing and laughter is cause for concern. I was discussing my mom’s activity withdrawal with a friend while on our way to CVS, she informed me that she too has to be careful and worries about leaks……needless to say I was surprised, because this was someone who’s closer to my age group. Until then, I never realized when she declined certain activities, it had to do with the fear of uncontrollable leakage. Luckily I was able to introduce both  she and my mom on the latest safeguard against sudden leaks, the Poise Impressa Bladder Support Kit.

I’ve been trying to get my mother to exercise more, mainly walking, something she was actively doing before. She also used to stand up or stay away from fabric couches whenever she knew she would sneeze, cough or laugh and while I thought she was just being strange. After introducing her to Poise Impressa, a soft flexible, internal device with a non-absorbent outer cover, that’s designed for the temporary management of SUI, I saw a change. The Impressa is inserted just like a tampon, but unlike a tampon doesn’t absorb leaks. Finding your perfect size is easy, try size 1, if you experience no leaks, you have found your perfect fit; if you still experience leaks with size 1, move on to size 2, again if there are no leaks, that is your size, if not, move on to size 3. My mom found her right fit (size 2) that supports her urethra after trying them all out. source link It’s important to note that your height and weight does not matter in finding your right Poise Impressa size, it’s all about finding the perfect internal fit. With a little coaxing, and Poise Impressa, not only has she enjoyed our walks (she now walks to her supermarket as a form of exercise), she’s enjoying full belly laughs and is no longer terrified of or standing up when coughing or sneezing).  As we were out and about all day, she felt comfortable wearing Poise Impressa and was quite happy she didn’t have to remove them when using the restroom. To remove the Poise Impressa Bladder Support, just pull the string as you would when removing a tampon.

poise lifeafterleaks

As I stated before, a friend of mine also shared her story with me (she’s a size 3 by the way), but of course her story and my mother’s are not the only ones. There are so many inspirational stories of women who are living much happier lives because of Poise Impressa, get to know these women, share your own story, or just learn more on Life After Leaks. Buying the Poise Impressa Sizing Kit is quite convenient, you can either pop into the Feminine Care aisle of any CVS (just look for Poise products), or order them online from the comfort of your home computer or mobile device. Even more great news, CVS is offering a $1 Off coupon off the kit.

If you want to stop leaks before they start, head over to CVS and grab the Poise Impressa kit. Get to know more on this innovative bladder product by checking out the Poise Impressa video.

Counting Down to the Spa Week $50 Treatments

As you can probably tell by all the tweets, Instagram, and Facebook posts, New York Fashion Week is upon us. This is the season where we give up our lives for a week or so to worship the Spring collections of the fashion gods, and would-be gods (shout out to the upcoming designers). As you can imagine, the strenuous activity of running all over New York from show location to show location in heels (and this unbearable heat) can take a toll on one’s skin, body, hair, etc. This is why we’re so looking forward to some pampering during the upcoming  Spa Week, October 12th – 18th, which can’t get here soon enough. Are you ready for the Spa Week $50 Treatments?

spa week october

Spa Week has been around for eleven years, so we’re pretty sure you are familiar with it, but just in case you’re not, here’s a little insight: Spa week is a week-long event that happens twice a year and offers some of the most indulgent spa treatments, from facials to massages, hair removal, waxing, and so on, for only $50 each.  Every April and October, hundreds of spa and wellness locations across the US provide two to three full-service spa treatments at this wonderfully low price. This limited time discounted rate offers everyone access to luxurious pampering that they possibly couldn’t afford at their regular rate. This is the perfect time to treat yourself or a loved one to a few hours of pampering. A Spa Week treatment makes a wonderful gift for anyone without destroying your budget.

With thousands of spa & wellness facilities nationwide, finding a spa near you is easy. Log on to the Spa Week website to search for $50 spa treatments using your city and state or zip code, book an appointment for your favorite Spa Week $50 treatments online at, or by calling your spa of choice, go in for your appt, and enjoy your treatment…it’s that easy. You may find yourself taking advantage and booking more than one treatment. At this low price, that’s a wise decision. Once we’re done with New York Fashion Week, we may need a massage, pedicure, and facial; the fact that we can get all three for less than the price of a great facial is amazing in itself.

So take it from us, you don’t want to miss out. We highly recommend you take full advantage of this week of affordable decadence, your body, mind and spirit will thank you; so book your appointments now! We’re really looking forward to these treatments and can’t wait to indulge. Are you looking forward to Spa week? What Spa Week $50 treatments would you get?

Q Drinks: Making Soda Spectacular

It’s official, we’re spoiled, well to be more precise, our taste-buds are spoiled, because we have tasted some beverages that are so damn delicious, not only do we want more, we’re thinking we don’t want anything else. The latest beverages to capture our full attention and create this new obsession are both from Q Drinks (a company obviously sent by the gods), Q Kola and Q Ginger Beer, just two of the flavors in Q Drink’s arsenal of superior beverages. Other flavors include: Q Sparkling Orange, Q sparkling Grapefruit, Q Sparkling Lemon, Q Ginger, Q Club, and Q Tonic. These wonderful drinks are so amazing, they will even have the spirits in your home bar rejoicing.

Q Drinks

These sophisticated beverages have been keeping us sated, and refreshingly cool on those unbelievably hot last summer days. For our health, we’ve given up drinking soda because they’re just ridiculously too sweet, and have ingredients one can hardly pronounce that are not at all good for the body. Of course giving up something means you will crave it every once in a while, but thanks to Q drinks, I can satisfy my cravings without risking my health.



Unlike colas on the market, Q Kola is made from organic ingredients that come from trees and plants, such as kola nut, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, lemon, lime, orange, and nutmeg. Instead on artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, or sugar, it boasts a dash of organic agave. At only 70 calories, the clean, crisp Kola boasts a nice balance of spice, tang, savory, and sweet, that you can enjoy without the guilt. When it comes to cocktails made with Q Kola, try some classic favorites like the Q’ba Libre or Bourbon and Kola.



Ready for a major dose of real ginger? Look no further than Q Ginger Beer for loads of real ginger, organic agave (not loads of high fructose corn syrup or sugar), coriander, cardamom, lime, and extra carbonation for a crisp drink that is bursting with tantalizing, and delicious bubbly goodness. If you are a lover of spicy drinks, we highly suggest you immediately grab a 4-pk and enjoy; and because this has ginger, you also get the wonderful health benefits such as, relieving nausea and possibly fight inflammation. When it comes to cocktails, we recommend mixing up classics like a Dark ‘n Stormy or Gin Mule, or try something unconventional like a Bourbon Ginger Beer Float, or a  Q Ginger Beer Margarita. For more recipe ideas, click over to Q Ginger Beer Cocktails.

Q Drinks are available in three sizes: 9oz glass bottles, 750ml glass bottles, and 12oz slim cans. They are available in gourmet groceries, liquor stores, cocktail lounges, and restaurants. For more availability, click on the Q Drinks Store Locator to find the nearest retailer near you, and online retailers.

GIVEAWAY: Smile in Style w/ Violife’s Slim Sonic Powered Toothbrush

There’s been a great shift to make everything in our lives more personalized. No longer are basic items only available in black, white, or neutral colors. We are able to express ourselves not only with our fashion, beauty, home and technology, but thanks to Violife, we can add bold color and graphics to our lives with our toothbrushes. The very fashionable Violife Slim Sonic™ Toothbrush is the “perfect accessory for your smile” and two lucky readers will win one of these battery powered toothbrushes of their choice from Violife’s wide range of colors and designs.

violife sonic toothbrush

Violife’s Slim Sonic Powered Toothbrush is the first battery operated, portable toothbrush with a built-in vented cap that cleans 22,000 brush strokes per minute! Match your own personal style with any of the available 26 designs and colors, each of which includes a compact case and one extra brush head. It boasts sonic-optimizing precision bristles, 6 months replaceable brush heads, a water-tight motor chamber, soft-touch power switch, waterproof battery compartment, and a moisture-releasing vented cap. Each Slim Sonic Classic retails for $15.99 and is available on

As we stated above, we’re giving away a Violife Slim Sonic™ Classic toothbrush to two lucky readers.  To enter see our Rafflecopter entry form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Chobani Welcomes New Greek Yogurt Flavors

Sometimes we’re the type to stick to a particular flavor if it’s a favorite, but we’re also front and center when exciting new flavors are launched. Here is one of those times. We love Chobani Greek Yogurt, and have indulged in several flavors that have become absolute favorites. We’re sure many of you can say the same. Well, get ready to rejoice in some new deliciousness because Chobani welcomes new Greek yogurt flavors with the launch of new flavors from Chobani Oats, Flips, and Limited Batch Greek Yogurts.

Chobani Flips

Chobani Greek Yogurt Flips

Chobani introduces six new flavors in their Chobani Flip category, a unique combination of creamy Chobani Greek yogurt and wonderful toppings inspired by the chef’s creations at the Chobani SoHo café in New York. Such toppings  include pistachios, chocolate chunks, almonds, and toasted coconut flakes,  which make for an irresistibly crunchy snack.  Are you ready to yield to these new flavors?

  • Peanut Butter Dream – Vanilla Low-Fat Yogurt with Honey Roasted Peanuts, Peanut Butter Clusters, and Milk Chocolate
  • Coffee Break Bliss – Coffee Low-Fat Yogurt with Crunchy Biscotti Pieces and Chocolate Chunks
  • Strawberry Summer Crisp – Strawberry Low-Fat Yogurt with Graham Crackers and White Chocolate
  • Pumpkin Harvest Crisp – Pumpkin Low-Fat Yogurt with Pie Crust Pieces, Glazed Pumpkin Seeds and Pecans
  • Chocolate Haze Craze – Chocolate & Hazelnut Flavored Low-Fat Yogurt with Hazelnuts and Chocolate Chips
  • Salted Caramel Crunch – Caramel Low-Fat Yogurt with Salted Pretzels, Chocolate, and Praline Pecans

Chobani Oats


Do you eat a yogurt for breakfast? With Chobani Oats, you can start your day with a powerful breakfast of yogurt, fruit, and gluten-free whole grains. Chobani adds to new flavors, Peach, and Raisin Brown Sugar to their existing, six hearty breakfast treats. So even if you have no time to sit down for a hearty breakfast, the combination of steel-cut oats, authentic Greek yogurt, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth,  chia, and fruit, is all you’ll need to start your day off right.

Chobani Simply 100

Chobani simply100-mango-passionfruit-53oz

For those of you who love Greek yogurt but are counting calories, you’ll love Chobani Simply 100 Blended Non-Fat Greek Yogurt in this new tropical flavor. With 12g protein, 5g fiber, and 75% less sugar than regular yogurt thanks to its perfect blend of natural sweeteners: stevia, monk fruit and evaporated cane juice, you won’t be able to get enough of these spoonfuls of delicious Mango Passion Fruit. You won’t believe it’s only 100 calories.

Limited Batch Chobani

CHOBANI Limited Batch

Sometimes seasonal flavor launches give you the opportunity to delight in some unique fruits, and that’s exactly what you get with the Limited Batch Chobani Greek Yogurts. These unconventional yogurt flavors are a delicious escape from the standard and Chobani’s new Limited Batch Plum, and returning Limited Batch Watermelon, both of which are available in stores now, will excite your taste buds. While the Plum is subtle in flavor with a slight sweetness and real slices of plum, the watermelon captivates with the refreshing flavor of the popular summer fruit.

Some of these flavors, especially the Limited Batch ones won’t be available for long, so stock up before they’re all gone. For a list of retailers that carry Chobani, click on their store locator.

Antioxidant Power: POM Wonderful’s Antioxidant Super Teas

It’s the tea lover again, bringing you more tea favorites (there is a long list of tea to present to you later). Because we’ve been feeling under the weather, the temperature in NYC is still set to “dehydrate every living thing”, and we’re entering the Pomegranate season, we thought we’d share one of our favorite cold tea products, one we happily enjoy year’ round. We have loved POM Wonderful’s Antioxidant Super Teas since they were first launched in those keepsake glasses, some of which we still have today. These crisp and refreshing POM Wonderful’s teas are available in four delicious flavors: POM Lemonade Tea, POM Sweet Tea, POM Honey Green Tea and POM Peach Passion White Tea.

Don’t ask us to choose a favorite, because we can’t pick just one. we love the slight tartness of the POM Lemonade tea, the soothing (and great-for-sore-throats POM Honey Green Tea), the sweetness of the POM Peach Passion White Tea, and the distinctive flavor of the POM Sweet Tea.  The best things about these teas, apart from their great taste and nutritional value, these super teas also make super cocktails, but first, let’s get to know these awesome gluten-free flavors which combines fruit juice and the antioxidant power of  pomegranates and tea:

  • POM Lemonade Tea – a fresh take on an all-time favorite combining POM Juice with perfectly sweetened lemonade and tea.
  • POM Sweet Tea – a California twist on Southern tradition with sweet black tea and POM Juice.
  • POM Honey Green Tea – offers the natural sweetness of honey and rose for simply tea-lightful flavors.
  • POM Peach Passion White Tea – combines the tropical flavors of passion fruit with sweet ripe peach to deliver a crush-worthy taste.

Now check out two of our favorite and oh-so-delicious cocktails made with POM Wonderful’s Antioxidant Super Teas; selecting only two cocktails to highlight was quite difficult,  but luckily you can see more POM Tea cocktails here:

POM Springs

POM Springs Cocktail

2 oz. POM Pomegranate Peach Passion White Tea
1 oz. light rum
1 oz. dark rum
1 1/2 oz. cranberry juice cocktail
1 1/2 oz. fresh orange juice
Assemble all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into a goblet or tall glass over ice. Garnish with orange, lime and peach slices. Serve and enjoy!

Geisha Highball

POM Geisha Highball Cocktail

4 1/2 oz. POM Pomegranate Honey Green Tea
1 1/2 oz. dry sake
1/2 oz. citrus vodka
Garnish with 2 long slices of English cucumber, cut to look like chopsticks. Serve and enjoy!

For those of you who, like us, are feeling nostalgic about the old tea glasses, check out four of them from our POM Wonderful Glass collection below. Our go-to flavor back then was the POM Lychee Green Tea, we couldn’t get enough of it, but these four flavors more than make up for it. After accidentally breaking a few POM teag glasses….one incident was a full glass (damn our slippery fingers), e’re happy to sip from these unbreakable bottles.

Each bottle of POM Wonderful’s Antioxidant Super Teas retails for $1.99 and can be purchased in thousands of stores, from such pharmacy and convenience stores as Duane Reade, CVS, and Walgreens, to supermarkets like Pathmark, Food Emporium, Stop and Shop, etc. To find the closest retailers near you, check out the POM Wonderful Store Locator.

14-Days to Flawless + Fearless Skin with HUM Nutrition

This past February, we introduced you to a cleansing and detoxifying 21-day program from HUM Nutrition called Cleanse to the Rescue, that supports healthier digestion, a flatter stomach, and skin health. Get ready for even more beauty from within with their new HUM Nutrition Flawless + Fearless 14-Day Trial Pack, which includes Daily Cleanse which helps clear your skin and body from toxins, and OMG! Omega the Great which supports an even skin tone.
The Flawless + Fearless trial pack helps to reduce redness and breakouts, evens complexion by hydrating from within, and helps achieve clear, healthy-looking skin with a skin deep toxin removal thanks to such ingredients as green algae, 15 detoxifying herbs, cleansing minerals, and ultra refined high potency omega-3 fish oil. With just one pack (four supplements) a day, you are on your way to clearer skin. As someone who suffers from annoying and massive breakouts, we found a kindred spirit in HUM Nutrition Founder, Walter Faulstroh, who like us, struggled with his skin and breakouts.
We had such a good experience with the Cleanse to the Rescue trial, that we couldn’t wait to try Flawless + Fearless. We’re looking forward to seeing how the other HUM Nutrition products can help us achieve more beauty from within. We’re already huge fans of Cleanse to the Rescue 21-Day program, and are looking forward to getting our breakout under control.

Ready to try HUM Nutrition’s Flawless + Fearless yourself? Head over to the HUM Nutrition Boutique at Sephora and for all details and to purchase.