Love, Sweat, and Gears | BFX Studio’s Ride Republic Spin Class

We are the first to admit we can sometimes get lazy and compliant when it comes to working out. This is mostly due to the fact that we sit in-front of a computer for hours on end without much movement, except when it comes to reaching for a snack. We’ve gotten to the level of forcing ourselves up from the couch, desk, park bench, etc just to show our bodies that we’re not petrified objects, so when we get an opportunity to get active, we try to take advantage….because it’s something that is desperately needed. That is why we were ecstatic to receive an invitation to check out the BFX Studio in Chelsea (more locations are coming soon). We loved spinning but hadn’t participated in a few years……today we tested our endurance.

We had a choice between the following classes: BFX Build (Eli Ingram and Amanda Butler), Classic Ride (Josh Taylor), BFX Barre (Michelle Demus and Colin Turek), and Fusion Ride (Juan Hidalgo), but because we haven’t worked out in quite a while, we decided to start with an easier class…..or so we thought. Securing a position and an in-breed Spinner® Blade Ion bike for the Classic Ride with Josh Taylor, we were mentally ready for the high-energy spin class…..physically ready was a different story.

The classicRIDE is spinning as it was meant to be – high-energy, motivational instructor, great music, and a heart-pounding experience. We recommend first-time spinners, and those who haven’t attended spin classes in a while (like we haven’t) begin with this one. For those of you who are more advanced than we are or prefer something more challenging, we present the following:

ultraRIDE – more enhanced than the classicRIDE, ultraRIDE offers extreme physical challenges on the bike with a rotating theme. No fear of stagnation in this 45 min class

epicRIDE – love spinning to specific themes and music? Then the epicRIDE spin classes are for you. Every class has a visually and musically supported theme and can go on for 1-2 hours. Epic indeed!

FUSIONRIDE – if you want to experience a workout both on and off the bike, this two-part spin class is right up your alley. Get ready to spend part of the class riding, and the other part off the bike, in athletic conditioning and functional training. The result is a high-cardio burn that will maximize your agility, stamina, power, and core strength. Fusion offers three ride/training Time option: 30 min/30 min, 45 min/15 min, and 45 min/45 min.

The class was intense and we loved it…..even while thinking we were going to pass out. Our hearts were pounding, our energy was up, and we burned lots of calories. What more could you ask for, except for a refreshing drink, which we enjoyed post workout at the launch festivities which also included personalized mini training sessions, spa treatments courtesy of Mio, Sakara treats, and BFX Studio’s state of the art Fit3D body scan.

BFX Studio has a t-shirt that says pretty hurts, it really does but it hurts so good. We invite anyone who wants to add spinning to their fitness regime to check out BFX Studio, located at 555 Sixth Avenue (between 15th and 16th St) in NYC. We kinda want to work there now.

Super Food, Super Delicious | Nature’s Path Qi’a Superfood Breakfast Cereal

We’re always looking for foods that are healthy, things we can easily apply to our daily routine. While hunting down these foods can be a chore as not every supermarket even carries an organic section, there is a way to ensure your meals provide you with the power and nutrients of superfoods such as Chia, Buckwheat, and Hemp, all in one great source from Nature’s Path.

Qi’a (pronounced “key–ah”), which appropriately means energy, is an organic and vegan, nutrient-rich, superfood that combines chia, hemp and buckwheat to provide an excellent source of ALA Omega-3s and a great source of fiber. Qi’a is laden with Omega-6s, amino acids, protein and essential vitamins and minerals. You won’t find any added sugar, salt, artificial preservatives, additives or synthetic pesticides in this power punch of nutrients, it is also gluten free and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Qi’a comes in three distinctly delicious flavors: Original, Apple Cinnamon, and Cranberry Vanilla. While they are perfect as a morning cereal or mixed into hot oatmeal, they can also be blended into snacks and meals such as yogurt and fruit smoothies; sprinkled into salads and soup; mixed into muffin, scones or bread recipes, and other delicious goodies. For breakfast, simply add milk, a milk substitute, or even water for a complete and healthy meal in five minutes. For something more adventurous, try one of Qi’a delicious recipes like Chocolate Mouse (pictured below) or Superfood Sesame Dressing for added nutrients.

1/2 cup Nature’s Path Qi’a – Original
1/4 cup organic cocoa powder
1 cup chocolate almond milk
2 tbsp agave syrup
1 cup plain 2% Greek yogurt
1/4 cup shaved coconut
1/4 cup shaved chocolate curls
20 raspberries
Add Qi’a, cocoa powder, chocolate almond milk and agave syrup to blender; purée until smooth. Chill, stirring occasionally, for 15 minutes or until thick. Fold in yogurt. Divide among 4 serving dishes. Garnish each with coconut, chocolate curls and raspberries. Sweeten to taste

Qi’a is also a quick and convenient pre- or post-workout energy boost or snack, great for runners, hikers, power walkers, and all athletes. Two tablespoons of Qi’a boasts six grams of protein, four grams of fiber and only 130-140 calories. It is a satisfying start to the day and provides long-lasting fuel and energy. Nature’s Path Qi’a Superfood is available at health and natural foods retailers at a price of $10.79.

Repair the Skin You’re In w/ Lindi Skin

No matter what you’re going through, stress, fatigue, pain – your skin shows it all. The result is you looking older, worn out, and unhealthy. While you may be taking steps to get back to your own self internally, there is something you can use externally that will have you looking wonderful again. Lindi Skin, an exclusive skincare collection that features a full line of products that soothes the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation to the skin to amazing results. It was also discovered to offer exceptional anti-aging and repair properties. Their breakthrough range of skincare products is based on the Lindi Skin formulation that takes full advantage of the extraordinary properties of nature’s most powerful nutraceutical, Astaxanthin (a potent antioxidant).

The Lindi Skin collection offers unprecedented anti-aging and skin repair benefits with their line up of powerful anti-aging products including:

  • Lindi Face Wash – a gentle alternative to soap that washes without stripping and works to achieve optimal pH balance
  • Lindi Face Moisturizer – a wonderful moisturizer for when you need an extra level of moisture for excessive dryness and improved appearance for rough skin and flaking
  • Lindi Lavender or Citrus Face Serum – a soothing serum formulated with the highest concentration of Lindi’s proprietary LSA Complex ®, loaded with botanicals, antioxidants and vitamins
  • Lindi Eye Hydrator – this nutrient-rich gel soothes dryness in the sensitive area around the eyes, and the appearance of puffiness and improve skin tone
  • Lindi Lip Balm – rich in Vitamin E and natural extracts, this lip balm not only soothes and provide a protective layer to parched lips, it does double-duty to help keep nails and cuticles healthy
  • Lindi Body Wash – a unique, gentle, non-foaming soap alternative with moisturizing ingredients that refreshes the body and scalp as it leaves you feeling luxurious
  • Lindi Body Lotion – a light, refreshing and luxurious skin-quenching lotion that delivers a combination of antioxidants and hydrating ingredients that nourish the skin and strengthen its natural barrier o prevent moisture loss
  • Lindi Soothing Balm – originally formulated for dry, cracked hands and feet, this highly emollient lotion is perfect for any intensely dehydrated areas of the skin. It is especially beneficial to painful, cracked and peeling skin, and is great at helping relieve discomfort from sunburns.

With their LSA Complex, one of the most powerful anti-aging formulas on the market, Lindi Skin’s incredible formula combines state-of-the-art skincare technology with innovative, natural ingredients to deliver a super-charged blend of highly effective nutraceuticals. They are potent anti-aging and anti-oxidant ingredients that help soothe damaged, irritated skin as well as minimize the signs of aging and protect against UV damage:

  • Astaxanthin ~ (Algae Extract) ~ Anti-oxidant, anti-irritant
  • Oat Beta-Glucan ~ Strong anti-inflammatory
  • Bisabolol ~ (Extract of Chamomile) ~ Anti-irritant
  • Portulaca ~ Analgesic, anti-inflammatory
  • Curcumin ~ (Extract of Tumeric) ~ Wound Healing
  • Red Raspberry Seed ~ Anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant
  • Grape Seed ~ Anti-oxidant
  • White Birch Extract ~ Anti-bacteria, anti-viral
  • Willow Herb ~ Anti-microbial, anti-irritant
  • White Tea ~ Powerful anti-oxidant

We’ve loved how soft and supple our skin has been feeling since using Lindi Skin, prompting us to save what little we have left for those very harsh NYC winter months. Our skin tends to get really dry and flaky which of course makes us look older. With the powerfully moisturizing products from Lindi Skin, we know, we’re not so worried about dry skin this upcoming winter.

Want to get to know more about this amazing skincare brand? Lindi Skin is available online at and select CVS stores nationwide. You can also purchase the range at leading medical centers, pharmacies, specialty boutiques and spas across the country.

The Soda Report | The Four All-Natural Ingredients of DRY Soda

When it comes to getting and being healthy, we have to give up a lot of our favorite foods and drinks, much to our displeasure. One of the biggest things people give up is soda because of its high sugar content, artificial ingredients, and calorie content. As someone who sometimes needs a soda every now and then, it’s very difficult to give it up. Because of this, we’re always looking for new ways of enjoying the bad-for-you beverage, while remaining healthy. That’s where DRY Soda and it’s delicious four all-natural ingredients come in. You read that correctly, there are only FOUR ingredients in these sodas, created by Founder and CEO, Sharelle Klaus.
drysoda_bottles drysoda_cans

So what exactly are these ingredients that make up this groundbreaking range of sodas? DRY Soda’s four all-natural ingredients include purified carbonated water, pure cane sugar, natural flavors extracted from fruits, flowers or herbs (see flavors below), and a clean preservative. That’s all! These four ingredients make DRY Soda a less sweet, lightly carbonated, craft soda. A special formulation that is certified gluten free, OU certified kosher, caffeine free, and sodium free, which allows the brand’s unique soda flavors (of which there are eleven) to stand out. It contains 1/4 to 1/3 of the sugar of traditional soda, 11-19 grams of sugar to be more precise. In fact, did you know the word DRY means less sugar in wine-lingo? Hence the name. DRY Sodas also only have 45-70 calories (depending on the flavor, and as shown on each can and bottle).

The eleven flavors of dry were developed to pair beautifully with the flavors of foods and spirits, making DRY the perfect soda to sip on its own, pair with a great meal or mix into signature cocktails. The flavors include: Lavender, Wild Lime, Blood Orange, Rhubarb, Juniper Berry, Vanilla Bean, Cucumber, Pear, Apple, Ginger, and Cherry. Discovering each of the flavors is surprising, every time you think you may have found your favorite, another one delights you. So far our top favorites include Lavender, Vanilla Bean, Wild Lime, Apple and Pear.

Two of DRY’s flavors, Cherry and Pear, are in their new Discovery Pack, a curated selection of DRY’s best-selling flavors which contains tasting and pairing notes and recipes, and were developed by former “Top Chef” and restaurateur Richard Blais – you may remember him as the runner-up from season 4 and winner of Top Chef: All-Stars, season 8. This Discovery Pack is similar to the variety packs made popular by craft beer makers which highlight seasonal favorite flavors.

You can purchase DRY Soda’s amazing flavors at select retailers such as Whole Foods, Krogers, Fairway, Balducci’s, etc  and online on A 12-pk of DRY Soda’s slim aluminum Cans retails for $15.00 and 24-pk of DRY Soda Bottles retails for $32.00.

Bon Appetit | Eat Good, Feel Good

We love being introduced to new delicious culinary delights. We consider our palates eclectic and therefore are always open to trying new cuisines, snacks, etc. This is why we love attending events which introduce us to new food brands, plus it gives us a break from cooking. Today we are highlighting some of our favorite food items we were recently introduced to and what we’d definitely go back for seconds of….and thirds.

Today we’re featuring culinary pieces of heaven (and a beverage) from the following brands: Veggie Fries, Uncle Matt’s Organic, Ciao Bella and Saffron Road. Some of these brands we’ve previously enjoyed and some are new to us but we’ve enjoyed all just the same.

Veggie Fries

If you thought fries couldn’t be healthy, think again. Veggie Fries features a sophisticated blend of potatoes and select farm-grown vegetables and beans. Consider this a healthier alternative to one of America’s favorite food and a rescue from boring, tasteless vegetables. veggie fries comes in four flavors – Carrot, Broccoli, Chickpea & Red Pepper, and Tuscan Bean & Herb. These crispy fries are all natural, good source of fiber and Vitamin C, Vitamin A (Carrot fries) is gluten-free, and low in sodium.

Uncle Matt’s Organic Juice

Ready for tasty, delicious juices that are good for you and for the environment? Say hello to Uncle Matt’s Organic lineup of products are free of synthetic pesticides and GMOs and by purchasing their products, you’re supporting over 25 small family growers dedicated to bringing you the the healthiest juices and fruits. We love the Organic Orange Tangerine but you should try their other flavors as well including their Organic Orange Juices – Calcium + Vitamin D, With Pulp, and Pulp Free (they were actually the country’s first makers of organic orange juice), Organic Grapefruit, Organic Apple, Organic Lemonade, and Organic Orange Mango.

Ciao Bella Sorbetto

We’ve actually featured Ciao Bella before because we’re a bit addicted but we’re doing so again because they are delicious and they have new packaging. Even though they’ve stopped making our favorite flavor – Passion Fruit, there are still lots more flavors to love. There are a total of eleven delicious Sorbetto flavors all of which features non-GMO verified fruit, hormone-free dairy and made with fair trade cocoa. We usually go back and forth between Mango, and Blood Orange. We look forward to trying the others.

Saffron Road

We love foods that tend to be a bit more exotic and we think heaven must taste like Saffron Road meals. They source their ingredients from only the finest producers available and all of their livestock are humanely raised with 100% vegetarian feed and are never given antibiotics. They offer a variety of frozen entrees, hors d’oeuvres, crunchy chickpeas, broths, sauces, desserts, etc. We’ve only just started our Saffron Road journey and we are already in love with the Lamb Saag, an utterly delicious leafy green spinach dish made with free roaming lamb and a blend of Indian spices, ginger and yogurt; and the Korean Taco with Chicken, a real Korean Style taco that you can enjoy in minutes. Say goodbye to hunting down food truck locations and enjoy a grilled chicken drizzled with Bulgogi sauce, spiced up with cilantro and fresh veggies and thrown in an heirloom corn tortilla, right from the comfort of your home.

Have you tried any of these delicious products? Any of these your favorites? 

Brighten Up w/ the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device

When it comes to our teeth, we try to keep them healthy especially since we are afflicted with a strong addiction to tea and somewhat sensitive teeth (note the slight irony), it has been a fight to keep our chompers sparkling white, especially since we love to smile. After trying numerous teeth whitening toothpastes and strips which only whiten our teeth by one level and in lots of pain (no more strips for us), we decided we needed something better – in comes the GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device.

This revolutionary teeth whitening device assures long lasting, professional teeth whitening results from the convenience of your home and without any teeth sensitivity. Using their patented G.L.O. (Guided Light Optic) technology, which combines professional elements of heat and light built into a one-of-a-kind, closed system mouthpiece that accelerates the whitening process, the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device prevents the whitening oxygens from escaping off the tooth surface, attacking the stains and making the whitening process more effective and efficient. When paired with their innovative whitening gel G-Vials that contains a minty fresh, stay-put formula that adheres to your teeth without getting on gums and other soft tissue, the device whitens your teeth up to five times more than regular teeth whitening options. This also means you will experience no tooth sensitivity, as is painfully common with other whitening products.

As we write this, we are on our way to a whiter, brighter smile (yes, even after two cups of tea earlier and probably two more cups later) with just four 8-minute whitening sessions per day. We’re seeing results in just a few days that we were never able to see in a few weeks of using other products. The basic teeth whitening system, which includes a Mouthpiece & Case, GLO Dock, 10 G-Vials for 40 applications, GLO Lip Care, Dock, Power Supply, USB Adapter and Travel Bag, retails for $199.00. GLO Brilliant also has a Complete Whitening Set (which includes everything previously stated above plus an Everyday GLO™ Teeth Whitening Maintenance Pen, GLO Whitening™ Antioxidant Superberry Toothpaste, and a GLO Whitening™ Antioxidant Superberry Toothpaste – Travel Size, for $239.00. Both sets, along with individual products are available at GLO Science/Shop, Sephora, and

Jonty Jacobs Opens New York’s First South African-Style Biltong Shop

At the beginning of the year (during the craziness of the Polar Vortex), we highlighted some of the snacks we were pigging out on while stuck inside and away from the cold, you can refresh your memories here – 5 Foods We’ve Been Enjoying During the Polar Vortex. One of those five foods was Jonty Jacobs Fine Beef Products – Biltong (dried meat slices) and Droewors (dried sausage). Cut to the warm months of July, which not only brought us hot, sunny days, but the debut of Jonty Jacobs first Biltong Shop; actually New York’s First South African-Style Biltong Shop.

The quaint shop, located at 114 Christopher Street (between Bleecker and Hudson) in the heart of the West Village, will allow patrons to custom-order their gourmet cuts of beef by choosing the type of biltong (traditional, grass-fed or aged), lean or traditional, with or without spice and cut-style (chunks, shreaded or – for the aged biltong – prosciutto-style thin-cut).

Jonty Jacobs tapped South African chef and entrepreneur Hugo Uys to consult on menu development. The event’s menu features Boere Wors Rolls with a homemade ginger peach chutney, and Curry-flavored Sosaties, which were paired with Seven Sisters Wine.

The Jonty Jacobs shop will offer prepackaged droewors (dried beef sausage) available with or without spice, boerewors (south-african style sausage) available in regular beef, grass fed, lamb or pork, sosaties (marinated and skewered meat) available in all beef, beef, lamb and pork or lamb and beef. Additionally, they carry a select range of truffle products, caviar, cheese, smoked fish, dips and South African snacks such as cookies, chocolate, dried fruits and teas.

Want to experience what Jonty Jacobs has to offer? You should definitely pop in the store to get to know them.

Stay #FreshNaturally w/ Tom’s of Maine’s Long-lasting Deodorants

“This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.”

Sometimes it can be difficult to avoid products with ingredients that are bad for you but thankfully there are great brands which offer products made with natural ingredients. Our skin is the largest organ in the human body, and while we want great-looking skin, having healthy skin is different. Unfortunately, many of us don’t realize the benefits of using natural personal care products and the wonderful effects it can have on our skin. One particular area of our skin that doesn’t get much love are our underarms. If you think about it, our poor underarms get brutalized quite a bit. We shave, wax, or laser off our hair, we don’t moisturize and pamper it like the rest of our body, and we think of antiperspirant and as just that – something to block perspiration and nothing more. Thanks to brands like Tom’s of Maine and their Long-lasting deodorants, you get an effective deodorant and 24-hour protection, made without harsh chemicals that can harm the skin.


One major concern of underarm health is discoloration, something we have personally experienced. While having more melanin in your skin and dead cell buildup may cause some discoloration, the most common cause is using certain deodorants and antiperspirants that can irritate the delicate skin, causing, even more, melanin production and darkening of the skin. An easy fix is to switch to a deodorant with natural ingredients, like Tom’s of Maine Long-lasting deodorant for men and women.


These long-lasting and wonderfully-scented deodorants are free of artificial fragrances or preservatives, are aluminum-free, and some scents even come PG-free (Propylene glycol-free). Tom’s of Maine uses odor-fighting hops and the mineral zinc to provide 24-hour odor protection, they feature no animal ingredients or testing and boasts ingredients like Glycerin and Vitamin E, to moisturize and condition the skin, Organic Aloe Juice to soothe, and citrus fruits as an antioxidant. We love the fresh, sweet scent of Beautiful Earth, and it remains our favorite, with Refreshing Lemongrass a close second. When we need to restock, we just pop into Whole Body,  Whole Foods in-store beauty section, grab one or two and be on our way (okay we grab a few items first). We apply our Tom’s deodorant in the morning and forget about it for the rest of the day.


We found that some of our friends felt the same way and are moving to paying attention to how their skin reacts to some of the harsh chemicals that can be found in our everyday products. In the video below is a male friend, who ALREADY had his Tom’s Long-lasting Deodorant for Men in his bag. He’s been using it for three weeks and is loving the positive changes to his underarm skin.

What about you guys? What are your thoughts on Tom’s of Maine, natural deodorants, and skincare, and beauty brands that use natural ingredients? Would love to hear your thoughts.