HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams and Lowe’s Invite you to #PaintOn

Just as with our personal style when it comes to fashion, accessories, and now technology, we have come to expect every aspect of our lives to be customized to our personal tastes. So it’s no surprise that we’d want our homes, our sanctuary to reflect our style as well. Now when we say personalizing our homes, we don’t mean decor, we mean house paint, the paint colors you choose for the walls of our homes. Today we focus on how interior paint can bring harmony to your home. Sherwin-Williams and HGTV Home knows the importance of getting the right paint color palettes, which is why they initially launched the kaletra bottle HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Color Collections, specifically designed for room-to-room harmony, newly available at Lowe’s. The HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Color Collection proves that like in fashion, there are no rules in paint. We had the opportunity to see the beauty of these paints at an event hosted by HGTV’s Love It or List It, Too’s Jillian Harris.

The HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Collection, which includes the Ovation and Showcase Paint and Primers – two improved interior and exterior paints, that bring together the expert home decor styling of HGTV, and the renowned quality and application of Sherwin-Williams paints, allowing designer-level results. A study shows that people spend up to 100 days just selecting a color and with 16 Room-to-room harmony, designer-inspired, color collections, that boasts 20 colors each, you can’t go wrong with color combinations from the HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Collection, no matter what you choose. Just select the colors that most speak to you, and create your own customized space. Each paint color collection also includes design tips and inspirations for you to try.

As part of the event, Jillian Harris walked through three vignettes with paint combinations inspired by Nature, Fashion, and the City. She showed us how each paint color palette was used, and how no matter which combination of colors were used, the results were always cohesive. The follow site Nature-inspired vignette features a bedroom painted in the enter site Natural Wonder color collection, described as organic, relaxed, and elemental, and features colors that “reflect rich minerals, mossy greens, and wooded pigments”.

The lopinavir coronavirus Fashion-inspired vignette features a living room painted in the source url Fashion Forward color collection, described as cosmopolitan, glamorous, and daring, with bold colors that highlight where art meets fashion; these vivid colors are sure to turn heads.

The kaletra extemporaneous City-inspired vignette features another living room (with more masculine-looking tones) painted in the Urban Outlook color collection, described as modern, functional, and sophisticated, with a “downtown palette that’s tailored, sleek, and refined, with an organic yet modern, innovative, and cool feeling.”

After previewing the “rooms”, we had the opportunity to help paint sections of a wall to create a stunning multi-hued canvas using the HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams color collections.

Now that you’ve seen all the amazing things you can do with the HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams interior and exterior paint and primers, are you up to doing some home improvements and adding a change of color to your life and home? Stop by Lowe’s,, or for more information.

Rolls-Royce Unveils New Car, the Wraith ‘Inspired by Fashion’

We had the distinct honor of being invited to the unveiling of the newest Rolls Royce motor car, the Wraith “Inspired by Fashion”. The unveiling of the prestigious new motor car, designed by Rolls-Royce Bespoke Designer, Michelle Lusby, took place during Pratt Institute’s Women of Influence in the Business of Style event (more on that part in another post). The new Rolls Royce “Wraith – Inspired by Fashion” provides a modern take on the grand tradition of customers personalize their Rolls Royce to their tastes and lifestyle.

This latest innovative design from the luxury car company was inspired by the prestigious international catwalks and Bespoke tailors that are ever so present in the fashion industry, resulting in an aesthetically stunning and sartorially on-point motor car. Just as timeless designs are reinvented to create new standards in the fashion industry, Rolls Royce is raising the bar of creativity and progressing the notion of style, with the “Wraith – Inspired by Fashion”, which boasts stunning materials, colors and textures procured from the world of high-fashion. The ‘Wraith – Inspired by Fashion’ boasts a two-tone exterior in a color palette of Andalucian White and Arctic White where accent hues, Jasmine, Tailored Purple or Mugello Red truly stand out; its signature shoulder-line is accentuated a hand-applied feature-line in the chosen accent color, giving a hint of the its contrasting interior where you will find the accent hue on traditional locations such as embroidered on headrests, seat stitching, and piping but also non-traditional placements, as seen in the two-tone composition steering wheel; and stagecoach-like doors that feature a contemporary impression of the car’s classic Arctic White and Black interior color scheme.

Other noteworthy details include:

  • Fine silks in the car’s front and rear door pockets
  • An abstract representation of the Spirit of Ecstasy with each emblem set precisely at fifty-five degrees to complement the lines of the door
  • An exquisite lacquered wood dashboard
  • A Bespoke Clock, set as a piece of jewelry, styled exclusively to emit a pearl effect
  • The integration of welting in a colorful silk strip, that stylishly frames the Wraith’s signature leather door-panel

Several fashion and industry notables attended the event to celebrate the unveiling of the Wraith ‘Inspired by Fashion’ and Women of Influence in the Business of Style event including fashion NYC-based designers, Tracy Reese, and Maria Cornejo, both of whom were speaking at the panel, and Singer/Songwriter, and 2014 2nd Congressional District Democratic nominee, Clay Aiken, who was so gracious, and funny when he said yes to my photo request.

Surround Sound: Must-Have Speakers from Phorus, Ultimate Ears, & Flips Audio

We all know music is the universal language, and we personally like to surround ourselves with music at all times, whether we’re working or relaxing at home, hanging out with friends, or outside enjoying a bit of solitude and warm weather. There are multiple ways for us to listen to music these days, whether that be through a speaker or through earphones. Some people might even decide that they like to hear their music amplified through HIFI systems, like those systems that can be seen on for example. It’s up to you how you prefer listening to your music. Many of the younger generations prefer to use speakers that can keep us surrounded by our favorite music no matter where we are. Today we share the must-have speakers from Phorus, Ultimate Ears, & Flips Audio.

Phorus PS5 Speaker

phorus speaker_3-4_left_v2_SM

We especially love the Phorus, not only for its stunningly modern look but also for it’s multi-room play capabilities. This powerful, wireless speaker boasts Phorus’s most powerful processor, a stellar acoustic performance no matter where you are, and amazing instant compatibility with all your devices…..seriously, if our vacuum cleaner had Bluetooth capabilities, we’d enjoy the chore much more. You can do so much with the Phorus PS5 Speaker, like send songs with AirPlay, stream lossless audio in every room with DTS Play-Fi®, the ability to set up left and/or right speakers for a true stereo experience, advanced dual-core DSP and Class-D digital amplifiers, deliver incredible sound quality at every level, the ability to add and link up more Speakers, a PR5 Receiver, or any Play-Fi product thanks to its breakthrough DTS Play-Fi technology, all of which allow you to enjoy a rich, crisp, clear sound, enhanced bass, and maximum volume. With the Phorus Android app, Kindle Fire app, and iOS App you have a world of music options, you can choose songs from your local music library, select a podcast, or tune into your favorite streaming service or radio station, and access a connected DLNA music server. There’s no better way to enjoy music room to room when you’re home, short of literally taking your speaking with you to each room. get the Phorus PS5 Speaker for $229.00 on

Ultimate Ears Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins UE BOOM

UE BOOM Greg ‘Craola' Simkins
UE BOOM Greg ‘Craola' Simkins2

No one can deny the connection between music and art and thanks to Ultimate Ears, we can enjoy the distinct connection between the two arts. The makers of the social speaker welcome its sixth artist-designed UE BOOM mobile speaker, designed by contemporary graffiti artist Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins. This unique artist draws inspiration from his favorite childhood books and cartoons, weaving together pop culture, nature, and carnival kitsch, with his unique imagination to capture the uncommon beauty of his pieces. Named The Safe Haven Edition UE BOOM, this offbeat designed portable speaker celebrates the depth and detail in the world of art, by combining the powerful sound from the multi-award-winning UE BOOM with Craola’s vivid…..and quite imaginative designs. His work on this very limited edition UE Boom (only 200 were produced) encourages fans to bring a fresh perspective to their imaginations and express themselves.

“Just like my art inspires people to leave behind the ordinary, the power of UE BOOM allows its listeners to enhance their ordinary by bringing music deeper into whatever they’re doing, no matter where they go,” said Craola. “I love that the Ultimate Ears brand and I both stand for self-expression, and I’m honored to share in this adventure of bringing music and imagination to life.”

The Safe Haven Edition UE BOOM speakers is available worldwide for a suggested retail price of $199.99. For more information, please visit To find out more about Craola, please visit

Flips Audio XB800 Headphones

FLIPS XB800 duo
FLIPS XB800 duo-2

We know what you’re thinking, how can we do a story about speakers and then throw in a pair of headphones? But these are not ordinary headphones, with a flip of the cushion foam earcups, you go from headphones (solo mode) to powerful speakers (social mode). This time around, they have amped (literally) up the music enjoying pleasure, with the introduction of the NEW Flips XB800 (or XB). This powerhouse headset differs from their HD650 in 2 ways: 1) bass resonator delivers a pulse-pounding high-definition sound that you don’t just hear, you FEEL, and 2) the XB boasts a detachable in-line Mic cord.

Enjoy high-quality sound whether you’re by yourself, or with a group of friends with Flips Audio’s amplified, high definition, pumping sound. It still boasts the removable cord with in-line mic, 3.5mm Jack, approximately 4 hours of music enjoyment time in speaker mode, and unlimited time in headphone mode. When not in use, fold and safely store your adjustable Flips in its hard shell case. The Flips XB800 is available now and retails for $120.00, grab a pair at

Are you ready to surround yourself with the best sound? What are your thoughts on these must-have speakers from Phorus, Ultimate Ears, & Flips Audio?

Band-Aid, Neosporin, and KaBOOM Want you to #PlayOn

We remember our youth as one that as filled with lots of various activities, ranging from planting sunflowers, playing hide and seek, running and jumping just because, and reading. At the time, we only saw it as fun, but as we got older, we recognized just how important our playtime was, not just to give our parents a break from our nagging and neediness, but for our general well-being. In an age where video games have practically overtaken our lives, Band-Aid Brand, Neosporin, and KaBOOM (a national non-profit dedicated to giving kids the childhood they all deserve, filled with balance and active play) understands the ability to play, create and discover is crucial to development during all stages of life. With celebrity mom, Tamera Mowry-Housley as the event’s host, attendees enjoyed a few hours of jump rope, Tic Tac Toe, Jenga, planting herbs, a little everyday play of toy tossing, and making our own Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches (in our case marshmallow, Nutella and bananas).

Tamera Mowry-Housley also shared her experience with and the importance of play time as a child, and as parents. She also noted the importance of being prepared with essential products. According to research by Ka-BOOM, playtime “helps kids grow to be healthy, happy, and successful, through an experience full of creativity, exploration, physical activity, friendship, and adventure.” Taking some time out for play is a must at any age; it is essential for physical, mental, and social growth, especially for children.

Band-Aid, and Neosporin understands the need for Play and has introduced a new program called #PlayOn, as a way to strengthen commitment to helping families live more balanced, active and playful lives. Of course with playing comes little accidents and having first-aid care on hand is a must. To keep you prepared, when you purchase three or more first-aid products, such as Band-Aid Brand Adhesives Bandages, Johnson & Johnson first-aid products, Neosporin, and Benadryl Anti-Itch topical products, they’re offering a free first aid bag to build your own first aid kit, at participating retailers.

What we learned at this event is, there should be time for play because kids are missing out. Time for play is disappearing not only from home, but from schools as well. Whether you’re enjoying board games, planting, running or jumping, playtime is important, no matter your age…..just as long as you’re prepared with first-aid products as a precaution.

BEHOLD!! Logitech’s Crowdsourced Video Game, PX57, has Arrived

Ever wanted to design a game and have it developed? Well, several gamers got together and did just that. Logitech recently launched PX57, the crowdsourced video game, which was designed entirely by fans, and created by experts from NYU Game Lab, and Tiny Mantis Entertainment. This FREE VIDEO GAME, yes you read that correctly, is a playable tower defense-type game, and is part of Logitech’s “Together We Game” project. Designed and developed (with the direction of more than 12,000 votes worldwide) for game-players of all levels, PX57 pits you against an antivirus program that has achieved human-level intelligence and perception.


Fans from around the world nominated and voted on crucial game elements, such as the setting, main characters, point system, and weaponry for five months on Reddit. get ready for battle in this computer interior world, as you fend off the nanobots, spawners and glitches with a strategic array of customizable towers. Tower placement is key in this defense game, so experiment away and defend your CPU!


Logitech developed the “Together We Game” project as a way for video game fans to share their creativity and contribute to the design of a game. The game’s highlights include:

– Organic and infinite level progress, allowing for hours of battle and replay
– Unique resource collecting system
– Unique paths are created randomly every time
– 6 specialized tower upgrades
– 7 tower abilities
– 8 different enemies including the community-named, Dave the Nanobot.
– Only 86.6 Megabytes
– A public leaderboard where you can display your high score to your friends and the world
– 100% free!

“Logitech made it possible for thousands of people from countries all over the world to come together and contribute to the creation of PX57, and get an inside peek at what goes into the game design and development process,” said Frank Lantz, director of the New York University Game Center. “PX57 reflects the ideas and creative choices of everyone who was involved and we’re excited to see it come to life. Together We Game was a fun and collaborative process and now it’s time for players to dig into the final result.”

PX57 is available for free from the Apple App Store and at

Jenny McCarthy Rocks Out with All-Female Traveling Band, the Mrs

A few days ago we had the pleasure of attending a wonderful Mother’s Day event, hosted by Jenny McCarthy and benefiting Dress for Success. The #MrsMothersDay featured special guest musicians, the Mrs, a five member, all female band, who performed several of their hits, and debuted their new single, #YouToldMe. The event was a wonderful escape to a pink paradise at the gorgeous Weather Room at Top of the Rock with views as amazing as the event.

Guests were treated to a variety of delicious treats that seemed never-ending. From passed hors d’oeuvres, to the wall of decadent bites, delicious cocktails made with Deep Eddy Vodka, and the DIY doughnut decoration and Mocha Java coffee bar, we were in foodie heaven.

Since this event took place was right before Mother’s Day, attendees got the opportunity to send a postcard to their mothers, with postage and mail out being taken cared of by the event’s organizers (our mom really got a kick out of the cool postcard).

Throughout the event, artists from Graffiti USA worked on a mural commemorating The Mrs Band, their song, and words you’ve probably heard from your mom, in a live art exhibit.

Before the live performance by the Mrs, we were entertained with great tunes by DJ Jena Red, but it was the Mrs that were the event’s biggest hit,a s they performed several songs to a very excited crowd

We had an amazin time at the event and we want to thank Liz Svatek of One Fabulous Mom, for the invitation.

Asking A Guy For His Number Is Easier Than Ever! Here’s How…

Are you terrified of asking a guy for his number? Thanks to dating app Lulu, asking a guy for his number is easier than ever. Approach the guy of your choice with a simple “Hello, my name is…” After a bit of small talk, mention to him that he looks familiar, but you can’t figure out why… Then, after pretending to rack your brain, you’ll have an “Aha! Moment” that you must have seen his picture on Lulu. As you’re explaining what Lulu is, begin searching for him on the app. If you discover that he’s not on Lulu, ask if he would like to be, and then assure him that he needs to be on Lulu. In order to add him to the app, not only will you need to add his number to your contacts, you’ll also need to take his picture. We suggest using these 4 easy lines…

1. “Hmm… I’m not finding you on here, but I could add you right now.”
When he agrees, your next line will be…

2. “I think I need to get your number before I can add you.” Right there he will immediately offer it up and the deal will be sealed.

3. As an added bonus you get to spend the next few minutes filling out his review with him. Since  you’ve just met, say something like…
 “Okay, now it’s time to for your review, can you help me out?”

4. Finally, when you’ve finished the review, cracked a few jokes and exchanged a few hand grazes you can say…
“Now, the last thing I need to add is your picture, smile!”

Now, the rest is up to you my friend. Have fun and please share your results with hashtag #GotHisDigitsOnLulu

Sanrio/Hello Kitty’s Gudetama, the Lazy Egg, Makes his U.S. Debut

Not since Humpty Dumpty and colorful Easter Eggs, has an egg so captured our hearts. Already a huge hit in Japan, the newest member of the Sanrio/Hello Kitty family, Gudetama – the lazy egg, will charm you with his adorable laziness. Gudetama is the ultimate slacker, he rocks himself to sleep in his shell, curls up in a bacon blanket, takes naps on a bed of rice, and has no motivation to do anything else but lay around.

Brand new to the US as of today, Gudetama makes his debut on, and in select Sanrio stores. This lazy egg seeks to do nothing more than what he always does, but we do notice we share the same reactions to some things as he does, like Mondays, wanting to be surrounded by bacon, and those days we just don’t want to move. This adorable new Sanrio character makes his debut on a few limited edition products, such as pens, notebooks, mugs, and plates, ranging in price from $2.75 – $19.00, with much more to come. If you love Hello Kitty stuff, you’ll love what’s in store from Gudetama.

We’re personally fawning over the Ceramic Side Plate and 10oz Ceramic Mug, the perfect combination to enjoy a late breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning. Want to know more about Gudetama – the lazy egg, check out more of his adorable laziness on, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but don’t disturb him much, he can’t be bothered.