Spa Week Highlight: KUR SkinLab

Just in case you’ve forgotten to mark your calendars from our previous Countdown to Spa Week post, it is officially Spa Week. Naturally we took advantage of the $50 treatments and indulged in an amazingly decadent Fall Renewal Enzyme Peel Facial at the wonderful KUR SkinLab, an amazing skin care and wellness oasis in Midtown East, at 875 3rd Avenue, Suite M-101.

KUR SkinLab works on the belief that everyone’s skin is unique, and that skin treatments should be customized to provide the necessary nutrients your skin needs to be at its best. Whether you suffer from acne, depigmentation, sensitive skin, losing elasticity due to aging, or all of the above, their customized skin treatments use skin issue-specific products. As stated above, I visited the boutique spa to indulge in their Fall Renewal Enzyme Peel Facial, which can be applied with either Papaya or Pumpkin. On our visit, we went with pumpkin… is pumpkin everything season after all. Our facial started off with a gentle cleansing and extraction

Our exceptional skin care experience continued with the application of the Pumpkin enzyme peel, which we were told was excellent for our acne-prone skin. Please note that although we have very tough skin and hardly felt anything, this peel is made to go deep into the skin, so expect a heated, tingling or stronger sensation KUR_SkinLab_Spa_

The next step in the process was a soothing and cooling mask that felt divine, but as you will see, left me looking like some sort of sci-fi creature. The way my skin felt after this mask was amazing

As previously stated, KUR SkinLab uses products to fit your skin’s needs, as my issue is with acne and enlarged pores, I was introduced to their range of RCA Skincare products, like the below Acne Control Regimen, which were used on my skin during my facial. The range of skincare products are available for all skin types and you can create your own regimen according to your skin issues.

We invite you to take advantage of this wonderful new spa and treat yourself and your skin to a healthier life. You still have time to take advantage of their Spa Week deal, so what are you waiting for? KUR SkinLab’s current $50 Spa Week treatments include:

  • 75 Minute KUR Customized Facial with Double Cleanse, Extractions and Ultrasound Therapy OR 60 Minute Deep Pore Detox Treatment with Extractions, Alpha-Beta Detox and High-Frequency Treatment
  • Fall Renewal Enzyme Peel (Papaya or Pumpkin) OR Custom Light Professional-Grade Mesopeel (Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic, or Mandelic) Facial 60 Minutes
  • IDEAL Therapeutic Massage: Choice of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Office Relief or Sports Relief 60 Minutes

Pumpkin Season is Here: Community Coffee’s Pumpkin Praline Coffee

If you haven’t noticed, we are right in the middle of pumpkin everything season. By now you’ve all gone out to your favorite cafes and enjoyed a pumpkin muffin, donut, smoothie, pies, cookies, and of course, a pumpkin latte or two. What if we told you there’s no need to go out for your next cup of pumpkin-flavored coffee, and you can offer visiting friends or family a tasty, seasonal cafe experience, right at home? Embrace the delicious celebration of fall with the Community Coffee’s Pumpkin Praline Coffee, a Limited Edition, sweet and lightly spiced medium roasted coffee with hints of pumpkin spice and toasted pecans available in both ground coffee and k-cup pods.

Community Coffee Pumkin Praline12ct_Pumpkin-Praline

This unique flavor combination is sure to be a seasonal favorite. Plus, it’s made from only the top 10% of the world’s coffee beans, that’s right, with a sip of every cup, you are enjoying the highest-quality Arabica coffee beans in the world. The seasonal flavor joins the premium line of flavored coffees and classic roasts that Community Coffee has provided for the past 96 years.


The family-owned and operated company coffee brand also thrives on helping the community. Through their Military Match program, Community Coffee has shipped over 55,000 pounds or 2.2 million cups of coffee to active-duty military personnel, giving them a tasty cup of home. This is done with your help! Whenever you buy your favorite Military Match set of four 12 oz., 16 oz. bagged coffees, or 18 ct. single-serve coffees, Community Coffee will match your purchase with an additional four items, and send all eight items to the APO/FPO or military base address you provide. They’ll even throw in their signature Military Mug.

Are you excited to try Community Coffee’s Pumpkin Praline Coffee?

Truebuds Wireless Earbuds: Music with Complete Freedom

We’ve had the pleasure of enjoying and getting to know a variety of wireless headphones, all of them over-the-ear but we’re ready for something a bit more revolutionary – wireless earbuds, completely wireless! Are you ready for Truebuds Wireless Earbuds? The smallest, and very fashionable, wireless earbuds that are designed to hug your ears with a secure comfortable fit all day.


Say goodbye to being plagued with constantly untangling wires, earbuds that constantly fall out of your ears, and bulky headphones, and hello to this stylish alternative. Not only are Truebuds Wireless Earbuds the best in-market, these small sized in-earphones boast a 6-hour battery life, industry standard Bluetooth technology, extraordinary sound quality, a comfortable and secure fit, and is water and dust resistant to IP 53.


Truebuds‘ developers brought in the best designers and engineers to produce a high quality listening device with unprecedented features that are sure to usher in the future of portable audio. The goal of Truebuds Wireless Earbuds is to seamlessly combine the way we experience music with the feeling of complete freedom.

You can pre-order a pair of Truebuds Wireless Earbuds on Kickstarter, along with accessories such as a portable storage and charging case, and Budlocks, the ultimate grip for Truebuds, at 25% off on Indiegogo for $155.00.

The Sartorial Spirit: Tanqueray Bloomsbury London Dry Gin

So for no other reason than that I was a bit on tequila overload this summer, I hereby dub this October the ‘Month of Gin’.  Why gin?  Well, why not?  Let’s chalk it up to the fact that this colder weather sends me back over to ‘that’ side of my closet again.  You know that side where all the flannels, chunky knits, down-quilted this, Harris Tweed that and double-faced wools live.  The overcoat has a place off of its seasonal hanger again and my fedoras and driver caps can comfortably perch atop my head again without fear of sweat. In other words, it’s the classic time for what really says menswear to shine.  A man can’t step out in a handsomely tailored overcoat, spongily cozy cable knit sweater, perfectly cropped grey flannel trousers and this season’s coveted camel Chelsea boot and not feel like the ultimate gentleman. So my gin-dubbing exists since nothing a gent can hold in his hand beside an attaché or cashmere-lined gloves, says more gent than a perfect gin cocktail.


Many gins exist, but if I have peak double-breasted lapels and long-wing brogues on the brain, then it stands to reason that the benchmark of gins lies in the hands of London’s own Tanqueray.  A perfect dry gin, this world-class staple has served to become the gentleman’s gin.  This year it has gone on to tantalize blokes with Tanqueray Bloomsbury London Dry Gin.


Part of what makes  special is its history.  This recipe was originally crafted by  in the 1880s who improved upon his family’s recipe with added elements, the biggest of which being Italian berries, coriander, angelica and classically juniper berries.  The result, named after the city where Charles’ developed the recipe, is a smooth and crisp flavor with a hidden pop of sweetness.  However, the dry low-key tartness of the gin is preserved to create a flavor profile that is familiar with a twist.  The underlying notes of coriander and angelica usher in a fresh, dare I say slightly herbal, flavor that balances perfectly with the berries without sacrificing the essence of the gin.

Part of what makes Tanqueray Bloomsbury London Dry Gin special is its history.  This recipe was originally crafted by Charles Waugh Tanqueray in the 1880s who improved upon his family’s recipe with added elements, the biggest of which being Italian berries, coriander, angelica and classically juniper berries.  The result, named after the city where Charles’ developed the recipe, is a smooth and crisp flavor with a hidden pop of sweetness.  However, the dry low-key tartness of the gin is preserved to create a flavor profile that is familiar with a twist.  The underlying notes of coriander and angelica usher in a fresh, dare I say slightly herbal, flavor that balances perfectly with the berries without sacrificing the essence of the gin.


For my sampling of this delightful gin, I kept it nice and easy which allowed me to experience the true heart of the flavor.  I enjoyed Tanqueray Bloomsbury London Dry Gin with a a touch of soda and a combination of Meyer lemon and lime zests.  It was very soothing and delicious and quite distinguished in its finish.  So distinguished in fact, I slipped on a herringbone topper and enjoyed the rest of my glass while flipping through my Fall Mens September issues.  Hey, it’s what gents do!


Tanqueray Bloomsbury London Dry Gin is a Limited Edition offering and available now at your finer wine, spirit and liquor retailers worldwide. Will you Tanqueray tonight?

Stop Leaks Before They Start w/ Poise Impressa at CVS

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. You must be 21+ years old to try Poise Impressa Bladder Supports. #LifeAfterLeaks #CollectiveBias

There are things we may take for granted and not realize it. When I’m out with friends, we go dancing, we may do something that entails physical activity, and we have amazing conversations that end in raucous laughter. For me, this is a joyous time of untroubled fun but for two people in my life, that’s not the case. Both have stopped doing things they love or enjoy trying something new because of leakage. Even everyday occurrences like coughing, sneezing and laughter is cause for concern. I was discussing my mom’s activity withdrawal with a friend while on our way to CVS, she informed me that she too has to be careful and worries about leaks……needless to say I was surprised, because this was someone who’s closer to my age group. Until then, I never realized when she declined certain activities, it had to do with the fear of uncontrollable leakage. Luckily I was able to introduce both  she and my mom on the latest safeguard against sudden leaks, the Poise Impressa Bladder Support Kit.

I’ve been trying to get my mother to exercise more, mainly walking, something she was actively doing before. She also used to stand up or stay away from fabric couches whenever she knew she would sneeze, cough or laugh and while I thought she was just being strange. After introducing her to Poise Impressa, a soft flexible, internal device with a non-absorbent outer cover, that’s designed for the temporary management of SUI, I saw a change. The Impressa is inserted just like a tampon, but unlike a tampon doesn’t absorb leaks. Finding your perfect size is easy, try size 1, if you experience no leaks, you have found your perfect fit; if you still experience leaks with size 1, move on to size 2, again if there are no leaks, that is your size, if not, move on to size 3. My mom found her right fit (size 2) that supports her urethra after trying them all out. It’s important to note that your height and weight does not matter in finding your right Poise Impressa size, it’s all about finding the perfect internal fit. With a little coaxing, and Poise Impressa, not only has she enjoyed our walks (she now walks to her supermarket as a form of exercise), she’s enjoying full belly laughs and is no longer terrified of or standing up when coughing or sneezing).  As we were out and about all day, she felt comfortable wearing Poise Impressa and was quite happy she didn’t have to remove them when using the restroom. To remove the Poise Impressa Bladder Support, just pull the string as you would when removing a tampon.

poise lifeafterleaks

As I stated before, a friend of mine also shared her story with me (she’s a size 3 by the way), but of course her story and my mother’s are not the only ones. There are so many inspirational stories of women who are living much happier lives because of Poise Impressa, get to know these women, share your own story, or just learn more on Life After Leaks. Buying the Poise Impressa Sizing Kit is quite convenient, you can either pop into the Feminine Care aisle of any CVS (just look for Poise products), or order them online from the comfort of your home computer or mobile device. Even more great news, CVS is offering a $1 Off coupon off the kit.

If you want to stop leaks before they start, head over to CVS and grab the Poise Impressa kit. Get to know more on this innovative bladder product by checking out the Poise Impressa video.

Deliciously Dark Days Ahead: Alberta Rye Whisky Dark Batch

Deny it if you want to!  Your calendar can lie if you don’t flip the page but the weather, the lessening sunset and the crowded morning commutes are all testament.   The summer is almost over folks.  Now while that vacation you finally took is something you’ll probably bask in for a minute, all you’ll really be left with is the memory of what you did or didn’t do while laying on some beach in God knows where with whoever.  So, outside from that half used bottle of sunscreen, the “I Left My Dignity In Cabo” tee or those well-worn flip flops, why not create memories that could subsequently take you back to that oceanfront villa while lounging at your present domicile. What transports one to a better state of other-worldliness than an awesome cocktail with Alberta Rye Whisky Dark Batch?


With the official end of summer only days away, I began ‘jonesing’ for this delicious new whisky I discovered that happily made the days longer and the nights more welcoming.  Alberta Rye Whisky Dark Batch is a new dark whisky from renowned Alberta Distillers.  What’s nice about what they’ve done with this wonderfully aged whisky is all in its flavor.  It’s all at once a tad smoky & woodsy with a slight underlying note of sweet and a hidden, dare I say, spiciness that rounds out this whisky and makes it a great one to add handsome color and bold flavor to a cocktail.  Very necessary when you want the nuances, experiences and expressions of summer to last be they via the way of the tastebuds.


The way I had my experience was classic with a twist literally. I had an Alberta Rye Whisky Dark Batch as the star of my remixed Old Fashioned and then garnished it with slices of a lime, a Meyer lemon, sweet navel orange, a couple slivers of bruised ginger and a topper of seltzer. The garnishes were characteristically summer to me but they also allowed the flavor or this pleasant dark whisky to shine since it kept the heft of the drink within it robust flavor profile.


What more is there to look forward to after the autumnal equinox kicks in next week? A more delectable hot toddy perhaps? You can find Alberta Rye Whisky Dark Batch at your finer spirits retailers and as always please remember to drink responsibly.

Sir Ivan’s “Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye” Record Release Party

Although it’s been a while, we finally made it back to the Hamptons. thanks once again to Recording Artist and Philanthropist, Sir Ivan, and another of his fabulous parties at his 15,000 square foot Castle in Water Mill, New York. To celebrate his new anti-bullying anthem and Billboard hit, “Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye” featuring Taylor Dayne and produced by Paul Oakenfold, Sir Ivan held a 70’s “love fest”. Inspired by the White House’s stunning rainbow colors after the Supreme Court’s decision on Marriage Equality, Sir Ivan’s medieval style Castle was lit up in a mesmerizing disco flashing rainbow light show.

More than more than 600 attendees, dressed as members of the Village People-inspired costumes (the event’s theme) were present to celebrate this song, many of whom Sir Ivan had transported from New York City to the Hamptons.

Guests were treated to a wonderful buffer-style meal and unlimited drinks. The event’s music was provided by Vienna’s Life Ball Resident DJ Sin Morera who played a 5-hour set, and aside from a performance by Sir Ivan, 28 world class professional Latin hustle dancers from Stepping Out Studios provided non-stop dancing throughout the event. The event’s festivities also served as a thank you to supporters of The Peaceman Foundation, Sir Ivan’s Charity. Both the Peaceman Foundation and Sir Ivan have donated more than $200,000 to 10 non-profit organizations that help prevent bullying.

Sir Ivan made a grand entrance for his performance, riding in on a custom made Ironhorse Tejas chopper, straight into his castle through a packed dance floor dressed in a leather biker cape embellished with a Swarovski encrusted peace sign. We were lucky enough to get video of his entrance and musical performance

Attendees enjoyed hours of non-stop fun, dancing to the pulsating music, touring and taking photos of the grand grounds, and indulging in the provided feast. Special guests of Sir Ivan’s “Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye” Record Release Party included: singer Pras from The Fugees, singer Aaron Paul, grandson of Omar Sharif and LGBT activist, Omar Sharif Jr., journalist Michael Musto, “Orange is the New Black” actress Farrah Krenek, and The Village People’s former “Cowboy” himself, Randy Jones. all in all, it was a wonderful event and experience, and we support and cheer on Sir Ivan for his continued efforts to make life better through his music and charitable efforts.

To check out the music video for Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye, visit

GIVEAWAY: Smile in Style w/ Violife’s Slim Sonic Powered Toothbrush

There’s been a great shift to make everything in our lives more personalized. No longer are basic items only available in black, white, or neutral colors. We are able to express ourselves not only with our fashion, beauty, home and technology, but thanks to Violife, we can add bold color and graphics to our lives with our toothbrushes. The very fashionable Violife Slim Sonic™ Toothbrush is the “perfect accessory for your smile” and two lucky readers will win one of these battery powered toothbrushes of their choice from Violife’s wide range of colors and designs.

violife sonic toothbrush

Violife’s Slim Sonic Powered Toothbrush is the first battery operated, portable toothbrush with a built-in vented cap that cleans 22,000 brush strokes per minute! Match your own personal style with any of the available 26 designs and colors, each of which includes a compact case and one extra brush head. It boasts sonic-optimizing precision bristles, 6 months replaceable brush heads, a water-tight motor chamber, soft-touch power switch, waterproof battery compartment, and a moisture-releasing vented cap. Each Slim Sonic Classic retails for $15.99 and is available on

As we stated above, we’re giving away a Violife Slim Sonic™ Classic toothbrush to two lucky readers.  To enter see our Rafflecopter entry form below:

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