JCPenney & Ashley Nell Tipton Launch Boutique+ Plus-Size Fashion

ritonavir coronavirus buy JCPenney has just made two major moves in plus size fashion. The retail giant introduces lopinavir coronavirus tablets Boutique+ Plus-Size Fashion, its first-ever plus-size fashion brand designed exclusively for full-figured women, and an all‐new, plus size in‐store concept. JCPenney teamed up with Project Runway Season 14 Winner Ashley Nell Tipton, who will serve as Boutique+’s brand ambassador and design two capsule collections for the plus-size fashion brand, to welcome the new initiatives. The launch was celebrated with a runway show at JCPenney’s Manhattan Hall location hosted by Ashley Nell Tipton.

Check out video of her welcome message to attendees below:

The new Boutique+ Plus-Size Fashion and lifestyle collection is designed for the fashion minded millennial shopper and was conceived and created by a dedicated team of JCPenney design, trend and product experts who ensure the colors, prints, and fabrics of Boutique+’s fashion offerings flatter and fit curvy silhouettes.

The Boutique+ clothing brand made its debut in 500 stores and on lopinavir coronavirus May 1st and offers everything from maxi dresses, skirts, jeans, trousers, tops, jackets, etc. As the first designer to present a plus-size collection during the Project Runway finale, Ashley Nell Tipton is the perfect advocate to provide expertise plus-size style for the millennial woman.

This season, Boutique+ collection features avant-garde styles inspired by the ‘70s, including femme tops and dresses infused with floral and paisley prints and vintage denim, some of which can be seen in the runway show pictures above. Trendy fashion pieces include fringe tanks, tiered blouses and pleated skirts ranging in sale price from $12.99 for a top to $39.99 for a jacket. In addition to introducing the Boutique+ brand of clothing, JCPenney also debuts generic kaletra buy “The Boutique”, their plus size fashion in‐store concept, in nearly 200 of their retail locations offering feminine silhouettes, edgy patterns, and bold colors.

The Boutique boasts a display of plus-size mannequins to show how various outfits complement a curvy figure and features a curated assortment of classic and modern, plus-size fashions from brands such as lopinavir ritonavir buy a.n.a, Boutique+, Liz Claiborne, Worthington, Alyx, and Bisou Bisou. Shoppers should expect casual sportswear, denim, and activewear, as well as a collection of handbags, fashion jewelry, and accessories from this one-stop shopping destination.

For fall and holiday, Ashley will introduce an exclusive JCPenney capsule collection, “Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique+,” marking the first time that her designs have been made available by a national retailer.

Restaurant Review: Zengo Restaurant

There are so many amazing food experiences to be had in New York, and no we’re not talking about the tourist restaurants, we’re talking the hidden gems that you may walk by every day which boasts delicacies so delicious, it’s almost too sinful to enjoy…..almost. We had the pleasure of being introduced to why is lopinavir boosted with ritonavir Zengo Restaurant, an amazing food oasis located not too far from restaurant row and trust us when we say you’d definitely want to stray from the beaten path of restaurant row to delight in this foodie’s dream.

First things first, the exterior of Zengo Restaurant does not do the inside justice… all (you’ll see what we mean at the end of this post). You can have a separate adventure on each of its three floors. For our culinary journey, we were on the main floor, which features the Latin-Asian food and drink menu (the lower level, the La Biblioteca de Tequila Lounge, is all Latin and boasts  over 400 Tequilas, and the upper, Asian level features an impressive variety of Japanese sakes, but today we were to indulge in the delicious results of combining these two wonderful bold flavors.

kaletra tablets 1ST COCKTAILS WATERMELON SOJU MARGARITA David: With this drink in the Biblioteca Tequila bar,located downstairs at Zengo Restaurant, you get the unmistakable freshness of the watermelon that is cut with the starchy punch of the soju then infused with the lively tart punch of a margarita. Nice layers of flavor for a well-blended drink.


David: This was like a perfect spiked ginger beer. The fresh ginger and lemon with the cloying honey made for a great fresh and sweet that married nicely with the spicy bourbon whiskey and the pop of the apricot brandy. A sneaky drink to enjoy and not even realize you’re 3 in before it hits you.


Glasgow: This white sangria was a refreshing mix of Macabeo white wine grape, rum, mango, orange, passionfruit, and pineapple. Fair warning, the lightly sweet drink goes down pretty quickly and smoothly, so expect to order more than one. I paired this delightful cocktail with our second appetizer and it really celebrated the spicy elements of the dish.


David: This was highbrow Mexican street food with a dash of the Far East. It’s such a nice blend of the zesty hoisin pork on top of the rustic corn arepa. The creamy sour cream and fresh guacamole added a smoothness to the earthy flavors of the corn cake and the pork.

Glasgow: This was my first experience with Arepas and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but you can’t go wrong with crunchy corn cakes topped with the sweet and salty taste of Hoisin pulled pork. I loved the contrast of the cooling freshness of the crema Fresca and avocado against the spicy pull pork flavors and crunchy corn cake.


David: These ribs were so tender and savory with a sugary pop of spice while the cucumber kimchee added a fresh element of garden heat. The great flavor profile came from how each element was finished with the sweet smokiness to the pork and the tart heat to the cucumbers.

Glasgow: Talk about succulent and slow cooked to perfection. These juicy ribs slid off the bone with ease and were so flavorful, we considered placing another order. The sweetness of the roasted garlic chipotle glaze reminded me of sweet-style barbecue, and the spicy cucumber pickle added such a wonderful level of heat and flavor intensity, I found myself mixing the cucumbers into the glaze…yum.


David: This dish was just easy textural loveliness. Fresh generous crab married with a chunky creamy guacamole served with thin tortillas. You got layers of meaty briny, garden savory creamy and rustic salty for a satisfying harmonious dish.

Glasgow: I am officially spoiled, thank you Zengo restaurant. From now on, I want all my guacamole to be topped with fresh crabmeat. If you’re looking for flavorful guacamole (ginger, yuzu, cilantro, and Thai basil bring zest and peppery flavors) with an element of fresh seafood (you can practically taste the ocean…..that’s how fresh the crabmeat tasted), you must try it. The thin, crisp tortilla chips allow the crab and guac to shine without distraction. You’ll never want ordinary guac ever again.



David: What a delightful strawberry lemonade mojito on full blast. The powerfully smooth Blanco tequila met up with mojito nods like mint and citrus then mellowed out with this kick of agave nectar. This is another great sneaky drink that’ll send you into alcohol heaven without you even realizing.


Glasgow: Not many people like the tart and sometimes sweet taste of tamarind but I definitely do. This cocktail was an easy sell for me and is a wonderful drink for anyone who loves exotic flavors. The hint of citrus adds a fresh zing to the already delicious cocktail. I loved the smooth, clean taste of this cocktail and boasts a nice balance of sweet and tart. There was no harshness to it.


David: The impressively displayed branzino is almost meat-like in its rich flavor but yet so tender and mildly sweet. The extremely light tempura batter is the perfect non-overpowering compliment. The dipping sauces add that element of sweet and tangy that marries nicely to the fish.

Glasgow: This must-try fish dish was a visual, aromatic and palate-pleasing euphoria experience. I would consider this the equivalent of a chef’s “mike drop”. What a work of art this Whole Fish Tempura is; our photos do not do it justice. The tempura was so light, I forgot it was on the fish. Every bite was perfectly crunchy, the crisp lettuce leaves,  spicy cucumber, bean sprouts, pickled vegetables, and black bean sweet & sour made the dish seem even lighter than it as already was. If you ever want to experience what it’s like to enjoy freshly caught fish cooked right on the beach at a restaurant, this Branzino is your best bet.


David: I love a steak medium since it is still tender enough to soak up the juices. With this dish, it was served with an earthy, smoky and tart broth that complimented the slightly bitter broccolini but created a great well-layered complex flavorful dish.

Glasgow: I only tried a small piece of this dish because I was pre-occupied with the fish but was immediately wowed by the juiciness of the steak and the sweetness of the caramelized shallots with the contrasting broccolini flavors. The Taro Chips were divine and have some great crunch and texture to the dish. A return to Zengo Restaurant will include this.



David: This crème Brule remix is so fresh. The pistachio makes the dish so light but maintains the rich distinct nuttiness of the nut. The addition of the fruit on top makes it very seasonally vibrant in taste and display.


Glasgow: This simple yet elegant dish will wow any chocolate lover and is great for anyone who wants a lighter dessert. The Churros were practically light as air, not hard yet retained a very nice crunch, which made enjoying it covered in the warmed, rich dark chocolate sauce doubly decadent.




David: It’s tequila and espresso with a dab of fragrant sweetness. I have found a new after dinner love. Such a nice marriage for Avion that is a perfect soothing finisher with a kick for when you want a strong liquor other than a whiskey or brandy. The element of sweet saves the cocktail as the straight tequila with the strong roast could be too much alone. This was a great winner.


Glasgow:  I know this is not the usual after dinner cocktail but I was looking for something along the lines of a refreshing post dinner cleanser and the Lychee Bellini was the perfect end to this euphoric culinary journey we experienced at Zengo restaurant, plus I adore lychee. The combination of the fresh lychee puree and the sparkling Cava was exactly what I needed to top off this great meal.


Zengo interior

David: This mash-up restaurant is a good idea both in theory and execution as there are many commonalities between Latin and Asian cuisines. The décor of Zengo Restaurant is pretty awesome with larger than life light fixtures and topiaries that bring to light the sculptural heritage of both cultures and also each culture’s love of nature and the land.

Glasgow: For years I’ve had no real excitement on fusion restaurants because I love cuisines with their original flavors, the local regional spices and cooking methods and I’ve been disappointed a few times with flavors that just didn’t mix well for me, but Zengo Restaurant absolutely got it right. If they were my first experience with fusion, my views would have changed a long time ago. Richard Sandoval perfectly celebrates these two distinct, bold flavors; nothing from the flavors or legacy of these two cultures is lost with Zengo’s flavor fusion. As we previously stated at the beginning, the interior is not what you’d expect when looking at the exterior. You will love being surrounded by all the wood and iron, it’s like being immersed in sculpture, there’s so much to take in.

Along with lunch and dinner, Zengo Restaurant also offers brunch on the weekend and happy hour, and for you cocktail connoisseurs, you’ll love their all night happy hour and reverse happy hour options. Check out the times below:

Saturday – Sunday: 11:30am – 4:00pm

Monday & Saturdays: 5:00pm to close
La Biblioteca & Main Bar only

Tuesday – Friday: 4:00pm – 7:00pm (Main Bar only)
Wednesday – Friday: 5:00pm – 7:00pm (Mezzanine only)

Tuesday – Friday: 9:30pm to close
La Biblioteca only

Zengo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Cinco’s For Sauza: Sauza Tequila Cinco de Mayo Pitcher Cocktails

I’m quite sure there’s some historically significant importance behind Cinco de Mayo. However, why is it, like every other holiday where you don’t necessarily have the day off, that drinking a bevy of cocktails takes celebratory precedence? Perhaps a reason to substitute gooey cake and party games for a heavy-handed aperitif and dabbing, is due to the fact that when life became ‘real’, there became a greater desire to have occasions to celebrate with Sauza Tequila. No excessive thinking, just celebration, and revelry!


Ironically enough, that got me to thinking. How could I ‘Cinco’ differently?  I had to face the fact that my evenings to cut loose after work, came few and far between, so I had to explore what I could do to truly capitalize on the festivity of my Cinco de Mayo. Then it hit me. If Cinco de Mayo is a whole day then why just celebrate after work?  So I found some inspiration with three of the smooth sharp varieties from one of my favorite tequila brands, Sauza Tequila, and decided to create a brunch, appetizer and dinner cocktail menu for my Cinco entertaining.  The following three Sauza Tequila cocktail creations are how I Cinco Con Sauza!

Brunch Cocktail with Sauza Cucumber Chili Tequila

Bloody Maria's Blushing ingredients

Bloody Maria’s Blushing

Bloody Maria's Blushing

 1/2 cups Sauza Cucumber Chili Tequila
24 oz        Tomato Juice
1 tbsp       Tabasco Sauce
1/2 tsp      Chili Powder
1 tbsp       Worcester Sauce
2 tbsp       Prepared Horseradish
3/4 tbsp   Celery Salt
    1               Lime
    1               Cucumber Slice per glass for garnish
    1              Grape Tomato per glass for garnish
    8             Dried Chili Peppers (one per glass for garnish)
    1              Celery Stalk per glass for garnish
    3             Strips of Bacon (1 whole bacon strip/per glass for garnish)
Prep Time: 15-20 mins, with varying times depending on bacon prep method (serves 4-5)
Combine the tomato juice, Tabasco Sauce, chili powder, Worcester sauce, Prepared horseradish, celery salt, and Sauza Cucumber Chili Tequila into a glass canister. Stir then press the juice of one lime into the mixture. Refrigerate for about 1/2 hour. Pan fry or microwave one strip of bacon on a skewer. Separately pan fry or microwave two additional strips of bacon to a very crispy state, remove and pat dry then crumble finely and mix with a tablespoon of celery salt on a small plate. Rub lime around the rim of your serving glasses and roll the salt/bacon mixture around the edge. Pour in cocktail mixture and garnish glasses with a slice of lime, slice of cucumber, the celery stalk, one dried chili and the grape tomato. Toss the rest of the dried chilis in the glass canister and you and your guests can enjoy a deliciously boozy drink inspired by my fave go-to cocktail to order for a bottomless brunch.

Appetizer Cocktail with Sauza Silver Tequila


Shrimped With A Lotta Colada

Shrimped With A Lotta Colada

1 1/2 cups  Sauza Silver Tequila
1 cup          Chopped Fresh Coconut
1 cup          Chopped Fresh Pineapple
1/2 cup      Pineapple Juice
   1                 Lime
   6                Coconut Water Ice Cubes
    3              Cocktail Shrimps (per glass)
Prep Time: 20 mins/Note: The ice cubes take about a couple of hours to freeze fully (serves 4-5)
In a 40-oz Ninja Blender or conventional blender add chopped fresh coconut and chopped fresh pineapple then pineapple juice, the juice of one lime, the Sauza Silver Tequila and finally the coconut water ice cubes. Use a cutting blade rather than a mixing blade and blend the mixture for about a minute. Pour into serving glasses and garnish with a lime wheel, shrimp, cubes of pineapple and pieces of fresh coconut. Serve immediately and enjoy my version of a full island fruit flavored shrimp cocktail done up Cinco style with the crisp taste of Sauza Silver.

Dinner Cocktail with Sauza Reposado Tequila

Cinco Salad Revived Margarita Ingredients

Cinco Salad Revived Margarita

Cinco Salad Revived Margarita2

1 1/2 cups   Sauza Reposado Tequila
3/4 cup       Triple Sec
3/4 oz          Simple Syrup
2-3 cups      Fresh Watermelon Chunks
3-4                Whole Sprigs of Mint
1/4 cup        Spicy Microgreens
1 1/2 tbsp    Salt
4 cubes        Two Kinds of Assorted Cheeses (per glass)
     1                 Lime
1 cup             Ice Cubes
Prep Time: 15 mins if using already made simple syrup/ 30 mins if making simple syrup from scratch (serves 4-5)
Using a 40 ounce Ninja Blender or conventional blender combine fresh watermelon chunks and mint sprigs then add the Sauza Reposado Tequila, triple sec and simple syrup followed by the ice cubes. (Note: Simple syrup is just a cup of water and a cup of cane sugar brought to a boil then allowed to cool.)  Use the cutting blades and blend for about one minute. Prepare salt rim by very finely chopping the spicy micro-greens and mixing them with the salt on a small plate.  Rub lime around the rim of the serving glasses and rub the edges of the glasses in the mixture. Pour out the cocktail into the glasses through a cocktail strainer and garnish with two pieces of each of the two kinds of cheese cubed on a wood skewer. Serve immediately, and I hope you and your guests enjoy a remix of a fresh watermelon, mint and feta salad I enjoyed at a cool little restaurant in the East Village some years ago.

Clearly Sauza Tequila has my drink desires covered for however I choose to start my revelry tomorrow. The spicy cool kick of Sauza Cucumber Chili is fresh and inviting. The clean and vibrant taste of Sauza Silver Tequila is satisfying and versatile. Then the lively and weighted Sauza Reposado Tequila is briny and delish. Whether with a spicy zesty brunch, seaside island appetizer or fruity and fragrant light dinner, Sauza’s bevy of tequila will ensure that it’ll be no ordinary dia.

Sauza Tequila is available at your finer liquor and alcohol stores and please, as always, remember to drink responsibly this Cinco de Mayo!

NY Yankees Steakhouse’s Priceless Collection of Yankees Treasures

Calling all NY Yankees fans. Although you still have to go to the Bronx to catch a game, when it comes to Yankees memorabilia, a trip to midtown Manhattan is all it takes. For those looking for a little bit of big league action without trekking all the way up to the Bronx, must check out the NY Yankees Steakhouse, located a block away from Rockefeller center. This baseball fan favorite restaurant provides an upscale all-American steakhouse dining experience while you’re surrounded by official Yankees treasures.

The NY Yankees Steakhouse is the only place in Manhattan where guests can cross home plate upon entry into the restaurant with a newly installed official game-used home plate surrounded by infield dirt from the original Stadium, they can also see the priceless World Series rings from all twenty-seven Yankees championship teams dating back to 1923, and the official trophies from the 1996 and 1998 World Series.

World Series Ring Display and Trophy Babe Ruth Bill of Sale and Original Stadium Seats

Some of the other new Yankees treasures that Yankees fans can ogle at the midtown steakhouse include:

  • Two World Series trophies representing the 1996 and 1998 championships
  • A framed and signed Babe Ruth bill of sale from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees – the beginning of the “Curse of the Bambino!” The case also includes an authentic brick from the original Yankee Stadium which dates back to the 1920’s.
  • A centerpiece paying homage to the” Core 4” including autographed, game-used bases from their final season or the day their number was retired:
    • Derek Jeter – game used 3rd base from 9/20/14, 6-7th inning
    • Jorge Posada – game used 1st base from 8/22/15, 4th inning
    • Andy Pettitte – game used 3rd base from 8/23/15, 5th inning
    • Mariano Rivera – game used 1st base from 9/24/13, 2nd inning
  • Legends Bat Case’ including autographed bats from Derek Jeter, Yogi Berra, and ten other New York Yankees’ legends
  • Four autographed & framed jerseys representing New York Yankee greats Joe Torre, Don Mattingly, Reggie Jackson and Bernie Williams
  • Two original stadium seats for guests to sit in and take photos
  • Two authentic signs from the original Yankee Stadium which were used to direct fans to their seats.
  • Two jumbo TV screens that bookend the elegant wine case, with the New York Yankees games on full display.

To celebrate the all-star lineup of never-before-displayed New York Yankees memorabilia, the spacious steakhouse held an event to tour the restaurant and its memorabilia showcase. Attendees included media, Yankees fans, and former Yankees greats, Cecil Fielder, Mickey Rivers and Charlie Hayes (pictured below):

NYY Steak media event, Thursday, April 28, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/AP Images for NYY Steak)

NYY Steak media event, Thursday, April 28, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/AP Images for NYY Steak)

Attendees also had a chance to enjoy the delectable cocktails and food offerings from the NY Yankees Steakhouse including the delicious Yankeetini, and Sour Smash cocktails (pictured below). we definitely advise you partake in these two wonderful drinks, but if wine is your preferred drink of choice, the NY Yankees Steakhouse also boasts an impressive list of nearly 300 wines from around the world.

NYY Steak media event, Thursday, April 28, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/AP Images for NYY Steak)

NYY Steak media event, Thursday, April 28, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/AP Images for NYY Steak)

NY Yankees Steakhouse offers a delicious menu including tantalizing appetizers, five-star seafood, USDA Prime steaks and specialty entrees such as the 27oz dry-aged Long Bone Ribeye. Guests can have their Ribeye bone personalized by the chef to make the meal just as memorable as the experience; an example is shown below in the event’s customized Ribeye bone, which paid homage to the Yankees’ 27 World Series Championships.

NYY Steak media event, Thursday, April 28, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/AP Images for NYY Steak)

NYY Steak media event, Thursday, April 28, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/AP Images for NYY Steak)

NYY Steak media event, Thursday, April 28, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/AP Images for NYY Steak)

NYY Steak media event, Thursday, April 28, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/AP Images for NYY Steak)

NYY Steak media event, Thursday, April 28, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/AP Images for NYY Steak)

NYY Steak media event, Thursday, April 28, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/AP Images for NYY Steak)

If you’re a Yankees fan who wants to enjoy the game and a great dinner experience at a location that’s much more than just a typical sports bar, we recommend heading over to 7 W 51st Street and indulging in all the pinstripe glory.

Patron Margarita of the Year: A Winner is Crowned

The time to select the Patron Margarita of the Year winner out of the top three has finally arrived and Patron celebrated the announcement with an amazing interactive experience that ended with a spicy favorite being crowned. Upon first entry, we were treated to ice cream versions of the three finalists’ margarita creations, as well as the classic margarita, the Hacienda Margarita by Andres Moran of Guadalajara, thanks to boozy ice cream makers, Tipsy Scoop.

Out of seven competitors, three finalists, Jordan Corney of San Antonio, Rosie Ruiz of Los Angeles, and Stephen Halpin of Dallas, were chosen by voters for their creations on Along with photos, we also captured video snippets of the mixologists preparing their cocktails.




After enjoying several scoops of the delicious boozy ice cream, we hit up each of the Patron Margarita of the Year finalists’ stations to get reacquainted with the final three cocktail finalists, enjoyed some delicious fare and great music, donned a patron apron to create our own Patron cocktail in the Patron Margarita Lab, using a variety of Patron Tequilas, fresh fruits and vegetables from the onsite Produce Market, and a vast array of spices from the Spice Station. after selecting our ingredients, we were directed to a Bar Chef who helped us create our perfect cocktail.

For our cocktail, we chose Patron Silver, Patron Citronage Mango, Ginger, Pear, Blueberries, and Raspberries. Our spices, which would become our rim salt/sugar, included Ginger, Lemon Peel, Basil, Lavender, Cayenne Pepper, etc.

Our cocktail, which we named Queen of Spirits, was wonderfully delicious and we’re definitely going to try these ingredients combination at home. To see the video of our cocktail preparation, check out the video below:

After our run at the Bar Chef station, we proceeded to get our aprons screen printed with our favorite Patron Margarita of the Year artwork and get a Patron Juicer customized with whatever we wanted to be engraved on it, we went with Spirits Queen (a nickname given to us by a friend

As we mentioned earlier, this event was amazing and interactive. After a night of quite some fun, it was time to announce the winner. John Paul DeJoria, Co-Founder of Patron Tequila (you also know him as the co-founder of Paul Mitchell Hair), introduced the three finalists and announced Jordan Corney and his spicy Rose Picante Margarita was the night’s winner. No surprise there since he has been in the number one spot from the day voting initially started.

What an amazing event and a wonderful way to celebrate mixologists. Are you up to try a spicy margarita? Did your favorite win the Patron Margarita of the Year title? Let us know in the comments below.

Mother’s Day Gifts for The Mom Who Loves Timeless Fragrances

As any woman will tell you, a tranquil fragrance can leave you feeling like you’re floating, relaxed, and revitalized. Just like an invigorating fragrance can energize and exhilarate you. What if you can give the gift of these well-being feelings to the women in your life this Mother’s Day?  Today we present those products, the Le Couvent des Minimes Eau Sereine collection, and Avon Little Black Dress, that any woman would love to receive as Mother’s Day gifts.

For The Mom Who Needs Tranquility: Le Couvent des Minimes Eau Sereine collection

Le Couvent des Minimes Eau Sereine collection
Inspired by the serene setting of the Convent in the South of France, this collection will help mom indulge in a moment of perfect calm and serenity. The collection features a selection of premium products, like the nourishing hand cream and the blissful pillow mist, designed to indulge mom in total relaxation, and is available on, and select products at ULTA Beauty. The collection includes:

Botanical Cologne of Serenity ($38.00): Inspired by the breathtaking surroundings of the Convent, this botanical fragrance captures the tranquil waters of a lake high in the mountains of Haute-Provence. Made from an original recipe, the fragrance blends delicate lavender and bergamot for a relaxing scent, while lily of the valley, rose and blueberry notes combine over base notes of warm cedar for a revitalizing finish.

Moisturizing Hand Cream ($8.00): Light and silky, this indulgent hand cream helps to soften and hydrate dry hands. The fragrance pays homage to the Original Recipe with a signature blend of lavender and mandarin, leaving hands lightly scented.

Relaxing Shower Gel ($12.00): Inspired by the relaxing setting of the Convent, this rich, plant-based cleansing base gently cleanses skin while leaving behind a revitalizing fragrance.

Relaxing Foaming Bath ($19.00): Create an atmosphere of well-being with this luxurious, cleansing foam. Made from an original recipe, the foam combines lavender with mandarin for a calm, restful scent.

Relaxing Pillow Mist ($18.00): Drift away to peaceful relaxation with this gentle mist. The scent blends essential oils with florals for a fragrance that evokes a sense of calmness. Simply spray the fragrance onto your linens or in your bedroom, and allow the soothing scent to provide an instant feeling of well-being.

For The Mom Who Loves Elegant Fragrances: Avon Little Black Dress

Avon Little Black Dress
Just like any LBD, which embodies classic elegance, Avon’s The Little Black Dress fragrance ($25.00) is a perfect addition to your list of Mother’s Day Gifts. The Little Black Dress is the first in a new fragrance collection designed for the woman who appreciates the finer things in life. The Oriental scent, originally launhed in 2001, redebuts in a midnight-black cap with peek-a-boo pump and black-backed bottle featuring accents in shimmering gold.

Timeless and classic, Little Black Dress opens with sparkling citrus notes of fresh Italian lemon oil, sourced from the finest lemon groves in Italy. The scent develops to reveal a delicate floral heart of exotic white jasmine essence, with warm and captivating sandalwood finishing the scent, with deeply creamy, woody notes. To purchase The Little Black Dress fragrance, visit to shop online or locate an Avon Representative.

What are your thoughts on these aromatic Mother’s Day Gifts?

Customize Smartphone Cables with the Toddy Cable from Toddy Gear

One thing we cherish as humans is individuality. We love to show our personality, to stand out from the crowd. In a time when half the world has the same cell phone and cell phone accessories, personalization is more popular than ever. While we can change the look of our smartphones with a variety of cell phone cases, many smartphone accessories remain the same, typical bland design and colors. One such smartphone accessory we never thought we’d see variety in, are smartphone cables……that is until the Toddy Cable from Toddy Gear, the world’s first sync, and charge smartphone cable for your smartphone that you can personalize.

Toddy Gear

Let’s face it, just one like size doesn’t fit all, and the “one look fits all” philosophy is boring.  Since we can customize our smartphone’s cases, wallpapers, ringtones, and settings, why not customize our cables too. In addition to the benefit of showing off your individuality with a unique cable, a Toddy Cable will prevent those forgetful friends who fail to remember to return your cable back to you when they borrow yours (we all have one or two of those). The Toddy Cable is a durable charging cable for your mobile device that you personalize yourself using an online 3D modeling tool. We had the opportunity to have a Toddy Cable customized to match the colors of our website logo, and personalized with our name. We love our Toddy cable receive so many compliments every time we use it, we’re never going back to basic white or black smartphone cables again.

Toddy cables are available for your Apple (Lightning to USB) or your Android (micro-USB to USB) devices. You can fully personalize your Toddy cable from head to toe with your favorite pattern, color, name, logo, poem, or phrase, the limits are up to you. The Toddy Cable has officially launched on Kickstarter, and you can now take the first step in making your cable truly yours or give someone this perfect tech gift. Want to know more? Get to know more about the Toddy Cable from Toddy Gear in the video below:

Are you ready to show off your individuality with the Toddy Cable from Toddy Gear?

GIVEAWAY: Give Mom the Gift of Teleflora Mother’s Day Flowers

As we promised, it’s time for a giveaway fit for mom, the queen in your lives. There’s so much we want to say to our mothers, so much we have to thank them for, why not say it with a gorgeous bouquet of Teleflora Mother’s Day Flowers! This spring the floral icon (they’ve been delivering gorgeous flowers for 81 years) is offering several beautiful, one-of-a-kind bouquets that are hand-arranged and delivered to the amazing women in your life, be they your mom, wife, sister, aunt, friend, etc, by a local Teleflora florist. These stunning floral bouquets are housed in unique keepsake vases and containers, such as ceramic mugs, teacups, pitchers, and mercury glass bowls. Are you ready for win one of these beautiful Teleflora Mother’s Day Flowers for mom?

Teleflora Mother's Day Flowers


One lucky person will win one of these four Teleflora Mother’s Day Flowers (the choice is all yours) to make Mother’s Day an extra special one for the mother in your life. Get to know them all today and enter to win via the Rafflecopter entry form at the end of this post.

Teleflora’s Love and Joy Bouquet (Available for $59.95)

Teleflora Love and Joy Bouquet
The perfect gift to celebrate mom and tickle her pink! This elegant bouquet is brimming with springtime’s finest colors, featuring hot pink roses, miniature pink carnations, huckleberry, lavender stems and lavender chrysanthemums all nestled within a gorgeous blooming flower and hummingbird vase, the ultimate symbol to show mom your appreciation and love.

Teleflora’s Garden Pitcher Bouquet (Available for $69.95)

Teleflora Garden Pitcher Bouquet
Fill mom’s heart by honoring her timeless devotion with this charming 2-in-1 gift she will cherish. A luxurious mix of rich lavender roses and chrysanthemums, fragrant white lilies and eucalyptus is hand-delivered in a tall, rustic Provencal-style water pitcher (FDA-approved and food safe) that is perfect for mom’s springtime entertaining.

Teleflora’s Butterfly Sunrise Bouquet (Available for $49.95)

Teleflora's Butterfly Sunrise Bouquet T16M300A
Playful and sweet just like mom, this brilliant bouquet of peach roses, yellow alstroemeria, and lavender chrysanthemums will make every mom’s heart flutter with happiness. This 2-in-1 gift also serves as a darling oversized keepsake mug (FDA-approved and food safe) adorned with dancing watercolor-hued butterflies for long-lasting enjoyment.

Teleflora’s Painted Blossoms Bouquet (Available for $39.95)

Teleflora Painted Blossoms Bouquet
Surprise sisters, daughters, and new moms by showering her with a bright, joyful floral bouquet bursting with a lovely medley of orange roses, yellow alstroemeria, and brilliant pink carnations. Arrives professionally-arranged in this delicate pink ceramic cube vase with painted blossoms complement the fresh blooms of spring!

We know they’re all beautiful and it will be difficult to choose a favorite Teleflora bouquet, but whichever you do, know that mom will love it; so without further ado, good luck to you all.

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